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sword lesbians inside 

source: Instagram @ opheliesz, @ brebilou

*a poster of an extremely blurry photo of a non-colonialist Democracy*



I have a housemate that makes fried rice almost every day, but they also add craisins and a little cinnamon and berbere spice along with the soy sauce and oh my gosh it's so good :blobsob:

I want to live in the forest
Under a tree 🌲
Above the ground
Where I can see
the the rain fall down 🌧️
Collecting in streams that deepen the lakes that feed the rivers which lead to the sea 🌊

snow falls. machine drawn one dimensional cellular atomata. one of thirty-something. 6" x 4"

friendly reminder that you can log onto the website and act normal. for instance, i have been for a walk in the big park and soon i will have a hot chocolate and watch a movie

supporting trans kids means not denying them agency over which puberty they go through

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