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It's pride :rainbow_flag: month :rainblob: :ablobpride1: :ablobpride2:

Don't you all wanna hug this cute non-binary plushie?

Reminder: It's pride! If you're surrounded by beautiful people that you don't want to fuck, that's _also_ queer AF :asexual_flag: :blobuwu:

To the tune of ra ra Rasputin 

Ra ra Otter pops!
Buried in the freezer box!
A frozen treat that's furry as fuck

Ra ra Otter pops!
Buried in the freezer box!
Cut off the tops and give them a suck


When corgis get really excited they make a honking sound that sounds kind of like when the brakes on an old bike squeak against the rim :blob_aww:

I love themmmm :blobsob: :blobheart:

Riding a motorcycle to me is like riding on a very noisy, low flying broom :blobwitch:

Lol today was my church's feast day, so we sang a hymn that was written especially to commemorate the cathedral, and one of the lines was 🎵many are the trials and problems by which we have been beset; we have suffered bees and termites, fire, and sometimes mounting debt🎵

I was like 🤔🤔🤔 that's... oddly specific

I asked the pastor afterward, and yes, the church was literally beset by bees and termites. There was honey dripping out of the columns at one point

Randomly thought of that episode of the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold where Arnold and his grandpa go to an aquarium and find an abused sea turtle. In the end they kidnap it and set it free in the ocean because while they both agreed it was breaking the law, the net result was a universal good.

Like goddang.

It’s very important to remember that when jeff goldblum says “life finds a way” in jurassic park, he is specifically talking about dinosaurs being trans

Hewwo it is self promotion time.

Redbubble is apparently having a sale? So if you want one of these cursed shirts for trans furry women now it your time to get it on sale.


They are available in catgirl foxgirl sheepgirl and girl.


Please buy some shirts:

My experiences with :

I can’t do just one thing, I have to be doing 12 things at the same time. :blobonfire:

If I manage to hyperfocus on one thing, I will somehow turn it into 12 things that all correspond to doing that one thing fucking _FLAWLESSLY_ :blob_aww:

Hallo there! Moar music time!

This time it's a track that was supposed to have lyrics but ended up as just a bunch of layered synth noises.

The inspiration was bad random seeds, speed running commentary, and way too many roguelikes in my life. Enjoy!

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