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Seattle Times & the Office of Police Accountability confirming what we'd already known: in the early days of the CHOP, SPD fraudulently performed a whole series of radio comms to fabricate the idea that a huge mass of Proud Boys were headed to the CHOP with violent intentions. SPD's goal was to intimidate and destabilize the protest.

Of course there's gonna be zero actual consequences though.

Did you know that with basic tools and easy to acquire supplies, you can make a holster for literally anything?

Could it finally be happening? Is 2022 finally truly the year of Linux On The Desktop? :blobopenmouth:

For USA folks with an adjusted gross income under 72,000:

Federal law requires tax prep software companies offer FREE tax prep software to you, REGARDLESS OF HOW COMPLEX YOUR TAXES ARE.

(Not open for 2022 yet 'cause early, but soon.)

Phrases that mean specific things to Minnesotans and no one else:

"First Wednesday."

Illegally installing Mac OS X on your synth boyfriend

begpost, boosts appreciated 

so our family hit a bit of a financial disaster just before Christmas when paycheques were reduced and sanctions were introduced for the people who can't work. the money we had to live on has now run short. we need to make it to the end of the month, which we can cover with £300. any assistance would be appreciated, even if it's just a boost.

thank you :blobcatheart:

I endeavor in 2022 to be even more offputtingly surreal, furry, and queer than ever. I am going to have belligerent amounts of fun being myself and if you have a problem with that, I own enough weapons that I have to sleep with an axe in my bed.

Demolition Man (1993) hits so different today. It's John Spartan vs the libs in a way :thaenkin:

@mawr I know screenwriters who use subtext, and they're all cowards.

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