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3 bedroom apartment available in seattle :boost_ok: 

Looking for a group willing to take over a 1000sq ft, 3 bedroom apartment lease in central district, Seattle.

We are moving out on Sept 15 and don't want to pay the fees to break our lease -- you will be added to the lease and all utilities / internet / etc will be transferred over to you. When the lease term is over (expires March 17, 2023) you may renew on your own at the rate the apartment complex offers you, and we will coordinate to remove ourselves from the lease at that time.

Our current monthly rent is $3635 / month. Utilities (trash + water + gas + fees) are typically around $60 / month. If you have a car, there is an additional $250 / month charge for parking. Electricity use is metered and managed through Seattle City Light.

The building is a very new, 7 story complex with an Amazon Fresh grocery store in the ground floor. Dogs/cats are allowed (they charge an additional $50/mo pet rent). The apartment unit has air conditioning in the living area (not central air -- bedrooms need ventilation to hallway). The building is walking distance from several restaurants / community areas (park, library, community center) and a short bus ride to downtown.

I will also warn you that the fire alarm system is very sensitive / poorly operated and has triggered building-wide alarms about once/month since I have been living here. Also, the building is managed by Greystar Inc, a massive real estate / property management company, so be warned that property management can be difficult to deal with.

If you are interested, please email me at and we can discuss further details.

:plush:​🏙📣❕ Moderation Update 

🔶 Our moderation queue is now clear at this time and all outstanding reports have been acted upon. If you have a report that you would like an update on, feel free to reach out to @mawr directly via DM!

🔷 And that goes for folks on the outside as well! We try to keep open lines of communication to talk about the important stuff. Can't have Community without Communication! ^.^

🔶 Thanks for listening! ^^

There are forest fires to the east today. It smells like a campfire outside and the morning sunlight is orange. :blobfrowningbig:

I don't know almost anyone who's still happy about their continued use of mainstream social media these days :blobthinkingeyes:

Passing thought:

How many people who commission furry art have some form of colorblindness?

When you talk to an artist, do you mention that you have this going on? Because a lot of our tools have settings that let us simulate your smaller color spectrum, and we can use that to help us make a picture that looks great to people with full color vision AND to you.

I'm open for furry commissions!

Avatars: $30

You may have seen these smiling faces around the fediverse! You could join them.

(bottom row: personal drawings)

More art:

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Y'know the "They Fight Crime!" trope?

I've been autocorrecting to "They Fight Cops!" for a while now :thaenkin:

This month is Snugtember.

Time to snuggle and bite all your friends. :blobcatsnuggle: :blobcatnom:

The insidious way that emotional abuse leaves victims isolated 

Surviving emotional abuse means learning not to share things that upset you for fear of being blamed & shamed and feeling even worse. And also learning not to share anything that made you feel good about yourself for fear of having them bring you down. In the end, you just don’t share anything.

You close your heart off to the world and become emotionally isolated. There are people around but you still feel lonely. There are good people in your life that genuinely care about you but you still feel invisible. Your trauma prevents you from letting people in so you don’t find support even in the places where it would exist. You don’t form emotional bonds even with the people in your life that are capable of reciprocating. You feel isolated and alone even with people that the narcissistic abuser has no power over. The abuse leaves you guarded and fearful. The toxic shame follows you into every situation.

Emotional abuse is as damaging and evil as any other form of abuse.

Sneptember :ms_snow_leopard:
Sheptember :bowie_wink:
Snektember :ms_snake:
Septembird 🦜

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony, until one day…

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