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Commissions? Human(oids) and furries.

Colored sketches start at $10, fullbody paintings at 40. Multiple poses (ref sheet), multiple characters, or a background add $10+.
or DM me for Paypal!

cw eye contact, otherwise sfw

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trying an intro post this time

Hello I am Mark or nisima or Green or many other things. I draw stuff. Other things I am interested in include:

historical dramas, comparative religion (especially Abrahamic religions), early-CEs-era history, Hellenic paganism, media criticism, tabletop roleplaying

I'm bi (mostly gay tbh) and genderfluid (male <> other <> demi etc.), also chronically ill and mentally ill, white afab, very much over 18. Pretty chill about followers, I don't usually post NSFW.

food, thanksgiving 

ugggh we're at least having a normal dinner at home for the holiday but I am really hoping we just have food and Mom doesn't decide to do some Huge Sit At The Table And Say Grace Jesusfest

please just let me sit in my room and nom mashy tates in a secular unpatriotic manner while I play Mage: the Awakening online

another staying up late painting night

bunnywolf for number 8, cw ec

any store having in person black friday sales should have their fucking ability to do business completely and utterly revoked

Hi, we would like to share a #pluralpride symbol that we made. This is the treble ampersand. It combines the ampersand (&) and treble clef (𝄞) to symbolize both manyness and harmony.

It is for all who identify as plural, no matter what created them or what diagnoses they do or do not have. You may use it freely and even sell merchandise with it. You do not need to credit us. All that we ask is that you do not claim ownership of it, nor police others in their use of it. We have made this symbol public domain.

We have also made this in several pride flag colors. You can see them on our Dreamwidth. There is also the regular black version.

We hope that you enjoy. ☺️

#plurality #multiplicity #systems


man I wanna

do anything today but head so spinny

well I paid the phone bill so that was Productive

wanna go paint though

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need money to pick up my antipsychotic and antidepressant in a few days, and also for groceries and (medical) weed

i've been searching for jobs at places so hopefully i won't have to do this much longer!


venmo/cashapp: vantablack420

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:


Hello! Pronoun and wearable art pins made entirely by me are up and ready for purchase. Please remember all of these are 100% hand drawn. Every single one. I am one disabled person doing my best, so sometimes lines aren't perfect but I do my best to sand off sharp edges and give you all the silly customizations your heart desires.

You can buy these from my etsy (link below)

however, if you don't like etsy (and listen, I get why) you can also purchase these from me directly here, we'll work out whats best for our transaction. Okay? Cool. Thanks for the boosts and for supporting a queer, indigenous artist 🎉

✨ Etsy:

sorry if folks saw the same post three times ==;

money request, bills 

So, the wildfire power outages fried my old computer and I haven't been able to work a lot this month, then my boyfriend lost his job opportunity due to a mental health episode. I would be so grateful for some help with bills due before the end of the month.

Total Needed: $256
$106 phone bill
$100 to pay back sudden computer loan
$50 for boyfriend's meds

CashApp $nuktibromos

I am disabled + trans and I also take commissions! See pinned toot!

Commissions? Human(oids) and furries.

Colored sketches start at $10, fullbody paintings at 40. Multiple poses (ref sheet), multiple characters, or a background add $10+.
or DM me for Paypal!

cw eye contact, otherwise sfw

asking for help with living costs, boosts appreciated 

The DWP have taken £1000 p/m away from us because I have student loans. Loans that we'll have to pay back and have been spent on things I need for my course. We covered Nov, but we'll have nothing for Dec. Please RT and help if you can.
My commissions are also still open, and I'll be reposting them with my old prices, and buying small things from my Etsy store also helps.

guess what dumb bitch is finally learning what "edges" are in painting

number 5, I'm catching up baby

mh ish? ~ 

everything is a lot all the time

Both nerds AND normies need to realize that sports is just another fandom and finally there will be peace

Honestly sports people go HARDER than most actual nerds I know

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