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Pride YCHs! Humanoid or furry! :ablobpride2:

One character full shading, any expression, any pride flag, $25! Money goes to getting two queer folks the hell out of a bad situation. I usually have a 1-3 day turnaround! or DM me, boosts are loved~

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We're a small plural system still figuring ourselves out. Hi!

> Night: Main fronter for this account. I like sparkly things, cats, magic, and *~aesthetics~*. Nonbinary, otherkin (fae/elemental), extremely anxious all the time. Ze/zir or xe/xem preferred.

> Alex: Has his own account at @thunder. TTRPGs, gaming, writing, math. He/him.

We both seem to do the art. There are others, but most of them don't come out much.

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I do commissions! Furry, humanoid, etc..

Bust or halfbody starts at $30, fullbody at $50, complex backgrounds or extra characters start at +$10.

DM me!

Potentially racist symbol 

Does anybody know what a crosshairs with a number by it means?
It looks vaguely cross like so there seems to be a high chance it is a racist symbol
I've seen 2,3,4 and 5 next to it
At first I though they were some sort of surveyor marks but then I saw the one on the ground at a metro station

Minority managed hosting? 

Can anyone recommend some managed hosting by Disabled people, BIPoC, or LGBT+ with ethical privacy? I'd eventually like to move to my own website. If you'd like to see a template privacy policy and some test posts, visit but the host I first picked, well, isn't great, and I'd like to support someone other than companies or Abled straight white cis dudes. I'd like to find a host that respects my reader's privacy.

If anyone else on here has a MusicBrainz account with voting capabilities, could you help me change the name for a transgender artist?
There's an editor on there who consistently votes against my edits to remove the artist's deadname with the usual tired excuses.

This is just one release of many of her, so if you vote in favour, I would also appreciate if you could subscribe to edits for that artist.

Whoa it's #Juneteenth, give your money to Black people, especially Queer Black people

oh hey i happen to be one, hi

My poor mental health and currently just being unhireable is keeping me from finding work.

Not really asking for repartitions, just help to keep me alive in a system that continues to treat us like dirt$melaninpony

i have other links to some stuff i do or wishlists you can gift me from here:

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Plz help me get prescription glasses 

Now I'm facing the consequences when I'm worse off, money-wise. :_catsad:

Migraines almost every day; sore eyes and the classic 'can barely see any difference whether I'm using glasses or not, now'.

IF you can help me with this, donations would be much welcome and appreciated, whatever you can spare! <3


Boosts are also very welcome!

Thank you very much for your kindness & support! :blobcatflower:

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GoFundMe, Cancer, Boosts and reblogs would be wonderful 

We're 150$ away from paying our first bill.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid

A Black transmasc friend of mine needs help keeping a roof above his head as he prepares for gender affirming surgery in July. Please pitch in if you can! And share wide!

1. People on the Internet sometimes go "meow"
2. Cats sometimes go "meow"

Conclusion: Cats sometimes go on the Internet.

Clothing the Gaps (they had to add the "S") now have 42 days to sell their stock of clothes that have the word "gap" on them.

Support them - I own a shirt and it's excellent stuff.


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For Juneteenth, consider paying reparations to my friend Sunyata, a Black queer femme from NYC.

Venmo: @liberationforall
Cashapp: $vsunnymoon

Looking for artists 

Hey yeah um,,, I wanna get some art of me and my partner @Gumby done, could y'all recommend and/or forward me to some fedi folks that would be up to doing that? :blobfoxshy:​💙


Aid Request 

I am hosting a crowdfund for @unfitmisfit. If you've seen that Blue's Clues Sing Along video going around, and look closely, you'll recognize one of the flags they use as theirs.
Kif has been having financial trouble, and was not consulted or compensated for use of their art. We have already helped them pay off their rent and bills for June! Help us pay their medical bills and child care! We take care of us!

#MutualAid #Crowdfund #TransCrowdfund #Pride

new form and new refsheet by the amazing @chr

I will never be over this <3 <3 <3 thank you again, you incredible dragon, you

ukpol, ACAB, how to "breach the peace" with a bag 

"Pink Peacock hasn’t even opened its doors and is already ruffling blue feathers.

On Monday at around 1.30pm, Morgan Holleb and Joe Isaac – founders of the Glasgow-based queer Yiddish anarchist pay-what-you-can café – were tucking into lunch and an episode of Star Trek when they received a visit from the police. The officers told the pair they were suspected of breaching the peace – for displaying a 'fuck the police' tote bag in their shop window."

"Holleb only realised he’d been charged with a crime after seeing a story in the Glasgow Times."

"On Wednesday, the Scottish Sun published a hit piece on the 'anarchy diner', saying it had 'sparked fury by banning cops and ‘terfs’' The following night, a man painted over the shop front, which also had its window smashed on 27 May, though it is unclear whether the attack was targeted."

The outcome, as tweeted by the owners:

"last night an avid sun reader painted over our window, but was stopped by some lovely comrades who caught him on camera and 'took his paint off him and wacked him with his own roller'"

Joe Biden’s new anti-terrorism initiative classifies “anarchist violent extremists” that “oppose all forms of capitalism, corporate globalization, and governing institutions, which are perceived as harmful to society” as “domestic violent extremists.”

sims cc downloading as retail therapy for the poor

so many pretty dresses to stare at :sparkles_nb:

Looking for a Black male sensitivity reader that could do a sensitivity reading for a 2,900 word fantasy short story. The fantasy is light. There's a Black male love interest. I can pay, but will also accept work swapping or something similar. I can pay via cash app, PayPal, and Zell. DM me. I'd ideally like to find someone that also writes or edits but I'm open to suggestions!

Help Needed, Friend Fleeing Abusive Household 

Hi Folks,
I have a friend who is fleeing an abusive household and needs a place to go. I'm looking for anyone who is able to offer her a room for a few weeks/months while she gets settled with social services. Location is not particularly important, we can get her anywhere in the Continental United States, just a safe place to stay.

It's preferable if stores and work are accessible by Bicycle / Bus Route. She also a cat, but we can find another home for it so it's not required.

If you're able to help or know of a place that can, please send me a private message. You're welcome to boost this though I prefer the connection be through one of my Mastodon Mutuals.
Thank you!

Joe Biden’s new anti-terrorism initiative classifies “anarchist violent extremists” that “oppose all forms of capitalism, corporate globalization, and governing institutions, which are perceived as harmful to society” as “domestic violent extremists.”

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