medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

so tl;dr I have severe chronic menorrhagia for some reason and less-invasive treatments are not working. it's looking like I might need a hysterectomy. I am STILL not in a place quite yet where I can transition without possible homelessness but there is some potential leeway for lying.

I need some advice, please boost.

1) has anyone ever taken E in this circumstance? does dysphoria get worse?

2) can you take T and E at the same time?


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medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

3) are there any particular negative results more likely if you get a hysterectomy without phallo/metoido/etc.?

4) if I naturally have a high (sub-cis male but out of cis woman expected levels) T level along with some "masculinization", is it more likely or less likely or total crapshoot I'd have significant changes on low dose T?

5) is there anything else I need to think about?

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima I can speak to 3 & 4 & 5.

I got a hysto in 2020 without meta/phallo/etc. It's fine and I like it, it's what I want.

I had high precursor to T hormone levels before I transitioned and IDK, I think my hair grew in pretty fast.

Do you have someone who can help you move around after surgery? And do you think you can get a less invasive (laproscopic) surgery or an abdominal one (rarer these days but I went in for laproscopic and needed abdominal so the surgeon had to switch).

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@eredien my boyfriend can help me somewhat, though I'm pretty big. I haven't discussed this in-depth with my doctor yet due to the holidays, only the IUD+pills are increasingly failing rather than getting better so it's not looking good; so I don't know much about hysterectomy options. do you know what qualifies for laproscopic?

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima It depends on your doctor and what types of procedure they are trained to perform/what they think is safe for your body type.

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 


I cannot answer most of these questions, but if you think you want a phallo, you will have more options if you get keyhole surgery for the hysto. I was told that vertical scars were better than horizontal. If you have a particular phallo surgeon in mind, he or she probably works with a few doctors who can do hystos, so if its possible to get one of them, they will know what to do. (It sounds like you might be in the US, so please excuse my ignorance of that system.)

If you want HRT, get the ovaries out at the same time - they're a potential health risk if you go on T long term. Personally, I wish I'd gotten a vaginectomy when I had my hysto as the damn thing was nothing but trouble afterward until I got rid of the cursed thing. Low E levels can cause atrophy which is extremely grim.

Good luck

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@celesteh I am in the US; thankfully in a very progressive area. I definitely want some sort of bottom construction someday, so this is VERY useful advice.

I wonder if I could get the whole set taken out without the relatives I live with figuring it out or possibly screwing up later surgery.

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 


You've got a clear medical case now. Hopefully your doctor can help you explain the health benefits while protecting your privacy.

I'm sure you're already aware that you will need some kind of HRT if you quit making your own E. Going without hormones would effect bone density, cardiac health and also cognitive functions, memory and mood.

It seems like dealing with this could be extremely challenging. If your area offers trans support, you might want to see what help and advice you can get. Some cities have free or sliding scale medical help or advice for trans patients and can better explain your options. I think Planned Parenthood may also be able to help or tell you who can. If there are peer support groups, people there will also know a lot about what's available. I've heard of people in the US getting mixes of hormones to meet their needs, but I don't know anything.

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima i can't really answer for the "taking E" question (i think i remember some hormonal contraceptives work can help suppress menstruation and they don't necessarily feminize/counteract T if you were to take it, maybe that's a possible solution if you haven't tried it).
however for 3) if anything it's an easier recovery from only hysto, especially if it can be done laparoscopically which isn't particularly invasive.

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima i have had a hysto+oophorectomy (undecided whether i want meta or phallo so opted for only hysto as soon as i could to get rid of the worst dysphoria) and it was overall smooth, ask me anything about it if you want to.
if you do get hysto plus oophorectomy you will have to take some hormones to avoid health issues. otoh if you kept the ovaries I don't think it'd affect later lower surgery in any way.

medical, menstruation, HRT 

@nisima as for changes on low dose T, as i understand the effects are cumulative so over time masculinization will happen, just more slowly than on a dose that'd push your levels into cis male range. how quickly you will see results and what those will be like isn't really predictable afaik.
worth noting that even a T dose that gets you to cis male range doesn't necessarily reliably suppress menstruation as long as underlying E production still happens.

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@crowlad yeah, I'm on two seperate kinds of progesterone right now and they're failing to stop the bleeding, unfortunately.

do you have any idea if low dose T is medically "enough" to keep you safe if you get an oophectomy? that's the only reason I was thinking T + E together might be necessary.

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima oof, that sucks.

i don't know about the latter, but seeing as being low on T tends to cause many people (me included) low energy pretty quickly i would suspect that whatever would qualify as low-dose T might not be enough to avert health issues. whether "supplementing" with E, if more T isn't an option, would be a solution i do not know, probably an open-minded endo would be better to ask about this.

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima maybe I missed it but is there a medical reason you need an oophectomy? If there's no reason to, going on low dose T will automatically make your body produce the amount of E you need to supplement it (usually your E levels will decrease a bit from what I know, at least mine did). It will also be useful in case you lose access to hormones for whatever reason.

Otherwise, your doctor will probably know more than people here about this

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima regarding 4, the people i know who had the fastest changes with T were the ones with already "high" level of it, so a low dosage would probably still be effective (but also, there are always variations between individuals)

re: medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima So, arbitrary disclaimer, I'm not a doctor, just a biohacker, not "legal medical advice", yadda yadda yadda.

That said? I'm AMAB, post-GRS, no gonads, and take T and E.

(Can't say)
You definitely can. In my experience the T will override some of the E's effects but you'll definitely feel both. Some doctors will balk at this if you ask, but there's not really any known problems with it.
I can't imagine so. A meta's basically just rearranging erectile tissue and a phallo's just grafting things on top. Neither of those have anything to do with a uterus or ovaries. Keep the vag open as a 'shorty' (read: cervix goes nowhere) and you just don't menstruate. Like us. :3
Prolly somewhere in between? I can't really state but in my personal experience there's definitely a gradient depending on how much T is in my system. If you're going from, like, 120 to 200 you're prolly gonna masculinize a little more, but it really depends on your body.
Depends what you want. The one thing that sticks out to me is that if you're trying to go stealth, you might want to ask around and see what low-dose T will do to your voice. I can't imagine anything else straying too far from the realm of plausible deniability.

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima as amab trans woman who does diy hrt I do not recommend having both E and T in your system, I was super easy to overwhelm and anything that required much focus was a problem. That was probably also related to other issues, but since I started taking blockers I have been doing much better

medical, transmasc advice needed, XX parts :boost_ok: 

@nisima You might want to try the TransDIY discord, linked from the reddit of the same name - lots of people there doing unusual/unexpected things with their transitions and might know more x

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