religion, white supremacy 

Maybe it's just cause my wife is Jewish and my boyfriend is Muslim, but any White pagan who talks about paganism being automatically more progressive than Abrahamic religions sets off my alarm bells. Deal with your Nazis before making that kind of blanket statement. Any pagan who isn't a coward actually acknowledges the white nationalist roots of many neopagan movements and works hard to fight racism in their religious communities. Don't just pretend the problem isn't there, that gives me no reason to trust you.

religion, white supremacy 

@mearcstapa I'm white, and a pagan, and I'd likely give a wide berth to anyone talking about paganism being automatically anything. I mean, I like a sweeping generalization as much as the next neurotypical, but, really?


religion, white supremacy 

@Fishercat @mearcstapa yeah. anyone who thinks paganism is a monolith has no idea what the *word* means, much less has an accurate picture of their own community. Odinists are *right there*, y'all, and one of many. we can't Scotsman our ways out of that.

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religion, white supremacy 

@nisima @Fishercat yeah I totally agree, it's a big set of communities with lots of ideologies floating aroubd

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