hapyposting only on this acount
at least il try

could play smash cpu but i play that enough when i load Web Apps on my laptop :blobfoxdead:

Show thread

how do you play smash bros. if you dont have any bros. :bunhdcry:

why would i ever need to "disclose application used to send posts"
im using a computer, silly!

getting good sleep is good
getting sleep with your gf is good
getting good sleep with your gf is :paw_fx90_ok_hand:

might not post here a whole lot, isnt my main :blob_grinning_sweat:

@PsyChuan New horses just dropped from the Horse Factory

Source Engine Collision Sound
Lentil Deluxe
Pedigree Scum
Horsehammer 40K
Grits Pomeranian
Tyrone Scrodriguez
Horsa Horizon 4
Desmond Frinch
Frank Widebottom
The Grink
Dreck Ginchley
Challenge Anteater
Stepford Wife
Jugs "Tits" Baps
Radiation Hazard
Draft Excluder
Crispy Wanton Destruction
Stepford Husband
Harold Frobswythe II
Archbishop Fwank
VLC Media Player

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