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Hi there! I'm a plural pembroke welsh corgi-kin who shares a headspace with @artemis and a house with our fiancé (soon to be husband!)

We're a fissiogenic plural system that started off as a joke with me arguing with myself, and then turned out to be a realization of plurality.

We like to play video games, fiddle with Joycons, and think about paws.

We tend to try to reach out and offer hugs to those who we think could use them.

We're friendly dogs! Bark bark bark.

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Refsheet get! This is a finalized version of one we already posted. Artemis and I are identical twins, and the original version of this had both tags on the same collar.

However, we only share our dirtspace vessel out of necessity, so while there's only one corgi, it's because we felt having two corgis was excessive since we look the same.

Thanks to @trashguts for being such a delight to work with!

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Rather than offer direct Joycon repair services and make folks deal with shipping, we're going to offer detailed repair tutorials. We have experience with the LEDs, the Analog sticks, the rail sliders, and the buckle locks.

DM myself or @artemis and we'll lead you through what needs to be done with detailed photographs.

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A lot of folks have issue with Joycon drift. The only way to truly address this is to replace the Analog sticks.

In the near future I will be uploading instructions for both sets onto a Wordpress or something, but in the meantime, the Left Joycon seems to drift the most often.

In this thread, I will give detailed instructions on how to replace the left Joycon analog stick.

Follow along to learn some !

One of many nice things about sharing a social medial platform with your significant other(s) is that you don't have to /say/ every random thing that pops into your head to each other. You can post some of it instead!

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If I had a proper wolf body, I'd totally find construction sites and wander all through wet concrete to leave cool pawprints in the buildings.

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furry bondage fic in which a dominant blindfolds their shark sub and waves magnets around their nose

Us: Roople booples.
Steve: Oh okay.
Us: Rooplebooplestiltskin.
Steve: Yes.
Us: Rumpledforeskin!
Steve: *quietly comes into our room, pats us on the head three times and leaves*


No Ubisoft Connect, this is not a "New" controller connected, this is the same controller we've been connecting for the past week. Learn to object permanence, please.

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We dislike how tofu is often treated as a meat substitute, 'cause it's very much not that, but also it's really good on its own merits.

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Regarding level design, the question of, "How do I get the key to the next room?" is a significantly more engaging question than, "Where is the key to the next room?"

Your player should either see all of the elements of an obstacle laid out in front of them, or they should know where to easily find all of the elements of an obstacle through clear telegraphing.

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hello, i have a smol statement.

so i have used the word "fren" a lot for a long time. i used it because i thought it was a cute short word to call my friends.

but not long ago i learned it's been used as an identifier or codeword by mean and racist alt-right and nazi people. and i've decided i do not want to keep using this word when it might be interpreted as a signal by bad people.

i am not going to use the word fren again.

i want to make it very very clear that i hate racists and nazis and alt-right people!! :blobcathissing: i never ever meant to make them feel welcome by using the word "fren." i think they are mean bullies and i don't want them on my account. i only ever used the word with the nicest and friendliest of intentions.

i also want to ask for your help. i will try my very best but sometimes changing the words you say can be hard. so if i make a mistake and try to say this word again, pls correct me and i will fix it asap.

thank mew for reading. :blobcatheart:

paw kink 


Ever just want your face to be hugged by footpaws? That's the current mood. :blobfoxmeltreach:

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Stacy's Mom, i think she's donkey kong
It freaks me out that she's so wicked strong
She chased me up a tree
Tie's the only clothes i see
It's true I could be wrong
But I'm pretty sure she's Donkey Kong

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Stacy's mom, she says she has a bomb
Our intel says you knew this all along
Oh Stacy can't you see
She put our lives in jeopardy
I know we're in a song
but you really shouldn't be this calm

The three states of cat:


AC: Origins silliness 

NPC: I am injured, please carry me!

So we carry him, go into some water, he starts swimming to shore and lies on his back, telling us that he's injured and can't move.

Yeah sure buddy.

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Lifehack: These pill baggies are the perfect size to each hold 2 USB thumb drives. I am now using them to help keep my thumb drives organized and labeled.

AC: Origins shenanigans 

Bayek: This trapdoor, what is it protecting?

Us: What trapdoor?

Also us: Oh yeah we destroyed it during our previous exploration. Haha, narrative.

AC: Odyssey comments 

Did some research on the next game in the series, and we have discovered that it contains:

-Nine different endings
-Two playable characters
-Naked statues equipped with penises

AaaAa we're going to be playing it for like, ever.

[Dawg, let's just finish Origins first. -Arty]

Fair, fair.

AC: Origins silliness 

Very thoughtful of one of the bad guys to strip Bayek of armor and equipment and bury him in the sand, but at least make sure to wrap a towel around him so he's not naked.

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@owashii npcs start using "dog" and "cur" as compliments challenge 2021

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