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Hi there! I'm a plural pembroke welsh corgi-kin who shares a headspace with @artemis and a house with our husband @rantingsteve in Pennsylvania. We got married on June 12th, 2021!

We're a fissiogenic plural system that started off as a joke with me arguing with myself, and then turned out to be a realization of plurality.

We like to play video games, make silly jokes, fiddle with Joycons, and think about paws.

We're friendly dogs! Bark bark bark.

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Refsheet get! This is a finalized version of one we already posted. Artemis and I are identical twins, and the original version of this had both tags on the same collar.

However, we only share our dirtspace vessel out of necessity, so while there's only one corgi, it's because we felt having two corgis was excessive since we look the same.

Thanks to @trashguts for being such a delight to work with!

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Rather than offer direct Joycon repair services and make folks deal with shipping, we're going to offer detailed repair tutorials. We have experience with the LEDs, the Analog sticks, the rail sliders, and the buckle locks.

DM myself or @artemis and we'll lead you through what needs to be done with detailed photographs.

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A lot of folks have issue with Joycon drift. The only way to truly address this is to replace the Analog sticks.

In the near future I will be uploading instructions for both sets onto a Wordpress or something, but in the meantime, the Left Joycon seems to drift the most often.

In this thread, I will give detailed instructions on how to replace the left Joycon analog stick.

Follow along to learn some !

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You ever reload a save file only to realize it's been a while since you saved so you have to do like 20 minutes of stuff all over again?

It's... a minor inconvenience *shrugs*

kink, silliness 

Why is it that no matter what we're doing, brain defaults to "Hey, you know what would be nice? Being stepped on"

and we're like "Can we maybe be allowed to focus on the Necromorphs that are attacking us in Dead Space 2?"

and brain is like "No, footpaws. On face. Think about iiit"

And then we get distracted and attacked in-game.

Brain whyyy

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Hey, wanna see something ridiculously cute?

Card our husband got for us after his very first visit, mid-March of 2020. This was back before we realized we were plural, of course.

We told our husband about it and he mentioned that she used it to jump to the windowsill the other day.

So while she's not using the cat tree as a cat tree, it's at least progress.

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We got a cat tree thingy for the cat about two months ago, and only now are we seeing her want anything to do with it.

Her first interaction with it? Resting her head on it while laying on the floor.

Gonna log off for the night. Trying to recover from various things sapped us of our ability to social energy.

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Like come on, Redbull gives people wings, make something that gives us homf teefs!

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Dentastix apparently makes canine teeth look like human teeth

Okay, so where's the product that makes human teeth turn into canine teeth? We want fangs, goddammit.

Anyone else wondering why Tenacious D hasn't come out with a video game yet? Like come on, the intended audience would be like "GIMME NOW"

Two corgis agree

"Maybe Dead Space 2 will take our mind off of things that are getting to us right now, because at least with that we have a tangible and immediate threat to deal with rather than existential issues"

Okay I think I'm okay

[You sure? Don't force yourself. -Arty]

If I don't push myself to try to be okay in times like these, I'll constantly beat myself up when bad things happen.

[That's... an incredibly good point. As long as you're sure. -Arty]

I'm sure.

mh ------ 

Having a bad night for various reasons we'd rather not go into

Just going to log off for the night, bleh

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Help with laptop choice! 

Im getting an Acer Swift X for uni cause it seems to be a good all around laptop and good enough for me to not worry about upgrading for a loooong while.

Im not too familiar with it but I need to choose if I'll get the model with a Ryzen 7 and RTX 1650
Ryzen 5 and RTX 3050

What's better to have in the longrun/future-proofing?
(there is an option with both but Im already overreaching with these 2)

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