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Fissiogenic plurality is when your experiences merge into one perception; you all perceive the world mostly at the same time, but how you react to it is different.

A good way of thinking about it: "there are no secrets between us, only a matter of who will see it first"

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The Tricorgs System presents:

Emperor Palpatine of Bel-Air

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Time for an Owa !

I'm a pembroke welsh corgi, sharing a headspace with @artemis and @tabitha.

Most of the crucial info is in my bio, but I will say that I tend to be better at how we interact with the world around us.

I'm prone to needing to rest because some things take a lot out of us, and one or both of my headmates will take over while I rest.

So yeah, that's my introduction post number... jeez must be like 7 by now.


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Thank you for choosing Inigo Montoya airlines
Please fasten your seatbelts
Prepare to fly

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There are three types of people in the world

People who can make lists, people who lose interest partway through lists,

Violets are blue
Roses are red
The Tricorgs are tired
and probably going to watch videos on their phone but the ultimate plan is to facilitate sleep as needed, so they wil likelyl find themselves laying in bed.

Anyone who's interested in actually working on it with us:

DM us! We don't want to publicly share plot-details but anyone who believes they can actually help make a game out of it?

We /want/ assistance, we don't think we can make this project work all by ourselves.

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Dogs who have an idea for a video game

but want to fully flesh out the plot before considering how much assistance they should request.

because dog knows it's the type of story we don't think we can handle alone.

There's a part of us that believes that "adulthood" can be measured by the following: "if you had a lightsaber from Star Wars, what would you do with it?"

Non-adult: I'd use it to fight evil and be the savior of the Galaxy

Grown-up: "A laser sword? Do you realize how much easier various areas of housework would be if I could just slice through things with a laser sword!?"

Breaking news bulletin

We just sneezed twice

clearly a conspiracy is involved

subtoot (+++) 

Aaaa, return of friend! Yay!!! *happy-dance*

We're awake
We're awake
Dog dog dog
We're awake

Tired dogs who make way to bed because today has been particularly exhausting

Time for a "haiku", emphasis on the quotation marks:

blep blep blep blep blep
mlem mlem mlem mlem arf arf woof
we are dog dog dog

financial and material aid request (moving assistance, paypal only), amazon wishlist link 

I'm moving back to the place I was flooded out of before the COVID-19 pandemic soon, and while the place is dry and inhabitable it's still in a sorry state. The catch(s)? I'm disabled to the point I can't find traditional work by severe scoliosis, quite autistic, and I don't drive because I can't afford to maintain any kind of vehicle more complicated than a recumbent bike.

I need cash for bedroom furnishings, bathroom and kitchen supplies and accessories, replacement clothes (so much of my old underwear has utterly fried elastic, f.ex.), storage boxes, cleaning supplies, and other expenses. The only way I have to accept funds right now is Paypal, and it still has my deadname attached to it because I have had more pressing matters to deal with than fighting them. Email is: glowhore [at] gmail [dot] com.

I also have a wishlist on Bastard Bezos's Bargain Bin for things that are simply easier and cheaper to order there, if anyone is so inclined. The delivery address is pointed at the place I'm currently staying, the residence of two of my most trusted friends. Items on the list will disappear as they're purchased, and I may add things as they're suggested or I see a need for them.


Dogs having some Limoncello


Where there was once Alphabet Soup, there is now Times New Ramen

Our house of neurodivergent people has found a thing useful: when approaching someone and not sure if they are in a conversational headspace, just say “engage?” as in is it ok to engage with you now, no problem either way just nod or shake head or say no. It’s minimal interruption and there’s no judgement either way.

Dogs who did not expect to hit a point where they were like "Okay maybe not up for Blender stuff today. Let's do Metroid Dread instead"

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