Wanna interact with me? I have some new rules!
Yes, this is neuro-divergent/disorder talk and it's important you know all of this.

Some questions you might have before we begin:

Q: What disorder do you have?

A: I will not be disclosing it in particular, but it is real, and I hope you respect it as such. It has to do with socail interactions!

Q: Will you freak out if I forget these rules?

A: No, I will not freak out, but I might remind you if it it significantly makes socail interactions difficult.

My new rules that have to do with socail goof-ups / not being able to pick up on certain subtle socail behaviors you exhibit:

If we are talking on masto and I'm not picking up on something, send me a DM and tell me what I'm missing. I want to make sure I'm understanding all of your subtle expressions.

If we are in a call / VRChat and I'm not picking up on social cues, please politely, and calmly tell me something. Do not message me, just tell me. If you message me, I might become very anxious.

These rules are now in place as it will help me better interact with you, and know how you are feeling at a particular moment.

I'm bad at reading socail interactions and this is important to know, because my depression and anxiety disorders compound my worries of socail interactions! If I know clearly how you feel, even if somewhat more blunt. I will be a million times better at being your friend and being more calm.

Finally, I hope this does not come off as weird l but I have one more thing to ask of all of my plural friends. Please tell me if this is insensitive .But I truly think it will help me interact with you all better overall!

Please can you let me know who is fronting when we speak. I know you and your entire system are talking to me. BUT I also have a hard time picking up on which part of the system I'm talking to through subtle text or voice changes.



@ChewieBoy The nice thing is that must plural systems will let you know who's fronting.

Sometimes via different accounts, sometimes with a signature, sometimes it'll be in their profile.

My experience is that plural systems tend to prefer to be considered a system, not an individual with separate parts.

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@owashii I thought so! Please keep me updated with anything when it comes to how I communicate with you and Art!

@ChewieBoy Of course! Generally we'll be pretty straightforward about it: if it's Owa talking, it'll be through this account, and if it's Arty it'll be through his.

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