Never judge anyone on what they did in the past if they've very clearly learned from mistakes and are trying to improve.

We are not defined by past mistakes.Mistakes offer a chance to learn, and the only definition should be whether someone who has made mistakes has learned their lesson and tried to improve, or continues to have the same problems.

The former? They're trying. Don't fault them. They know they made mistakes.

The latter? Go ahead and judge, they're not going to learn.


If someone was problematic in the past, but is trying to be better now, you will gain nothing by fixating on their mistakes other than dubious popularity and hatred from those who would otherwise be friends.

Nobody, and we mean /nobody/, has been perfectly acceptable for their whole lives. If someone's clearly trying to be better, don't base your stance on them by what they did in the past. Base it on what they're doing /now/.

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We will absolutely admit we've been guilty of problematic approaches to things. We've had toxic stances, we've been unfair to folks who deserved better, and we've been blocked by a number of folks.

We /know/ we were wrong. Friends worth our attention acknowledge we made mistakes but don't define us by those mistakes. Former friends we've lost contact with, /without exception/ have brought up past mistakes and defined us by them.

@owashii are you redrafting a lot or something? we keep seeing posts from you and thinking "wait didn't they say this already?"

@Felthry Definitely redrafted, we're trying to be more to-the-point about things.

We'd like to make it clear that nobody we know has done anything to prompt what we say, it's more a thing that's on our mind and made us a bit skeptical about Mastodon, and we hope that offering perspective helps Birdsite Migrators not assume it as a defining part of the experience.

@owashii okay, just a little disorienting because normally it's obvious because the whole thing happens in a few seconds but these are like minutes later and it's like, didn't we read that already? or is this just really strong deja vu?

@Felthry @owashii Oh, that's pure fediverse network lag in action.

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