fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

A user by the name of decided to respond to my thread about content warnings with a video of a guy's head literally exploding, as if by a gunshot or something.

Those who are curious can check out their post history, I'm not going to link that. I'm just going to recommend blocking.

Web 10 29 14

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@owashii Yeah he came into my @'s last night with transphobic garbage. This guy's an ass.

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) Yea they seem to visit a lot of place, I got a nice visit from them too haha! And while posting it here I attracted more people to visit me and let me know that being is wrong haha! :cool_felix:

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@owashii hey @anthracite, here鈥檚 an instance that seems worth blocking (see thread)

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 


got 'em already, thanks <3

re: fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@owashii oh yeah that instance has been blocked for a long while now

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@owashii @nilsding just notifying u on this

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@lio @owashii @nilsding bless you

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@lio @owashii @nilsding seems the server's practically just them so im guessing just an instance block would be good yeh


honkwerx dot tech has been added to the suspend list.

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@owashii god, what the fuck has to happen to you at a young age to spend your time "entertaining" yourself by sending people gore and slurs, what??

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@owashii I legitimately do not understand why anyone would ever do something so vile.

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@dogo @owashii
Here are the two main offenders. I can't believe I didn't have those blocked. I'd make a longer thing if I wasn't so busy rn, but yeah, purge these instances.

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