weed mention, hannibal (yeah) 

TG: "hannibis lecter the renowned gardener" is absolutely sending me rn

*tickling james bond*
bond: do you expect me to talk
me: no mr bond, i expect you to pee your pants :^)

I'm so sleepy 😭 I wanna nap but it's food time soon

dog/puppy photos 

the photos i have of as-yet unnamed puppy that we're going to pick up tomorrow. she's so cute! and from what i've heard, calm and friendly with other dogs and cats

pu b y

this is a point that sticks in my craw, but I'll keep restating it: the problem is not, has never been, a lack of trans and queer characters in media, it is a lack of trans and queer VOICES in the writer's room, on acting casts, and in the director's chair

I'm so exhausted of Rainbow Capital, this idea that what we need is cis/straight people IMAGINING queer experiences to sell us, instead of queer experiences from the mouths of those who have had them getting their chance in the spotlight

my bf makes me feel so loved and he loves my bad attempts at flirting 🥰🥰🥰

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