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cannabis, highposting 

who put our minds through a blender this is gonna be a mess to sort out later

but it's so comfy atm. we're just kind of a melted pile of plush dergs atm.

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@pillowcat and we were snuggling earlier.

and of course both of our cats run in like "hey attention! give attention us! pet us!"

pls hug these dragons, we're small soft afraid beans atm

The knight combed her fingers through her cropped hair, befuddled.

"So... you're the princess?"

The dragon nodded her head, jewels twinkling upon her horns.

"And it's not a curse?"

The dragon nodded again.

"But you DO need rescuing?"

The dragon nodded vigorously.

"So, that explains the muzzle! Alright, hold still."

The knight jammed her magical sword into the massive padlock.

"You're both lucky I'm technically a rogue," it muttered.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Well since our main is down for a bit for maintenance, we guess it's time to be :sparkles_trans: plush :sparkles_trans: for a bit!

Impostor syndrome is actually just a moment of clarity. But it's not /just/ you, it's actually _everyone_. Very few people honestly, truly and fully know what they're doing. :blobsweats:

On ✨Plush✨ dragons, what kind of horns are best?

Hey everyone, /please/ don't forget to CW your selfies today!

Huh, we haven't been here in a while.

time to fix things up, got a bio to edit

one of our GFs keeps absolutely Blowing Our Mind b/c she always seems to know exactly which of us is talking. Sometimes even we don't know and she does and points it out and we go "oh hell, that's right!!!" in hindsight it's obvious, and our styles of speaking are apparently pretty distinct but

it's so validating, hi we're crying a lil bit

reminder: "apparatus" is just science-speak for "thingy"

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