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🎶Nose that sticks out🎶

🎶This is a thing that I post about🎶

Reh! Re---

Error. Reh cartridge jammed. Please remove jam and reboot kobl.

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doubly so if they're doing so b/c they don't like the leadership over at FA.

ok, so you're gonna use a much larger corporate site that actively hates its users and is a cesspool at the best of times and act like that's better than a site where... oh, you disagree with something one of the admin said once. woo.

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it's always extremely frustrating to find out an artist we enjoy the work of has moved to twitter and only twitter for uploading stuff. it's not an art gallery site and it shouldn't be used as one. grrrrrrr

glad we're getting into HZD right now, when it's got a sequel releasing later this year, instead of 4 years ago when it released lol

we're :koboldmelt:​ but not in a happy way.

so warm it feels like we're broiling

I'm not doing much lately because my hands hurt, but I tried something the other day ✨
These shiny prints will be up for sale tomorrow!

honestly HZD is less post-apoc and more post-post-apoc. There's new civilizations not just surviving, but, if cities like Meridian are anything to go by, Thriving.

Am just a lil' kobold, doin my best.

food, cooking, cannabis 

we are intensely glad i picked up the ability to make what i call "stoner spaghetti" (basically whatever meat and pre-made pasta sauce I can get ahold of, plus elbow mac noodles) in a single pot without draining inbetween cooking the meat and adding the noodles or after everything's done. requires a bit of precision in getting the water and noodle ratio right but it's really easy to do now that we've practiced it a bit. only needing one pot makes it easier on partners too

covid-19 vaccine science 

So it seems we had something of a near miss with the COVID vaccines. Spoiler for the anxious: things are fine.

(Interesting read!)

@g oh heck that is an absolutely adorable profile image!

but yeah it's like someone made a game almost perfectly designed for us and what we like to play, it's, just, it's perfect for us.

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