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it's been a long.... month i think? while. since i fronted. wow.

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silly chocobo stuff 

*chocobotaur hands you a large plastic egg. inside is a tiny plush chocobo*

Request for resources/advice on tech-adjacent job hunting, long, boosts appreciated 

TL;DR: I consider myself a well-versed generalist when it comes to computers, technology, programming, and media creation, and looking for work. But I have no clue how to show/prove any of my skills, how to learn the techniques required to fit in at a professional level, or if I even need to; and would like advice on where to go in the hopes of getting eventually get a paying job that fits my abilities.

I'm looking for some general advice on what direction to go wrt getting some kind of tech job, since frankly I'm out of my depth on what's expected/possible for me to do with my skillset at the current moment. Feel free to suggest both long term and short term options, or tell me I'm full of BS and look elsewhere.

My situation/skillset:

I've been working/teaching myself computer programming in general since before I was even 10. It was mostly script-kiddie stuff as borrowing code and working out how to get something working when I was younger, but I've advanced to currently developing my own little applications and games. The latter of which I'm hoping to maybe release on various platforms in the next few months.

I've worked in half a dozen or so modern languages (mostly interpreted, but I've dabbled in golang for higher performance projects), and I'm comfortable learning any new ones on the fly. I've picked up the basics of each language in about a week, and it usually only takes me a few months to achieve competence in writing well-documented high performance code.

I've spec'd, budgeted, and personally built a dozen or so computes for myself, family. and friends, all of which have exceeded their expectations for their use cases and budget.

I've provided technical support for most of my family over the years ranging from solving basic app usage issues, to fully setting up home networking solutions.

I have reasonably developed photo and video editing skills, the former being the most advanced I've actually taken classes on it. I'm well versed in open source tools like Blender and GIMP for those, but I'm comfortable switching to just about any provided tool. This has generally taken the form of editing/creating icons and logos for friends, along with creating some 3d animations for fun.

My main issue is I've never really had any idea on how to showcase my work in a structured manner. All of these have been personal projects to some degree, and most of my programming is inside games that have a focus on small simple applications/tasks. I'm genuinely unsure of what format to bring these all together in, or even if I should, given the variety and breadth of them as a whole.

We've had undiagnosed ADHD for most of our life, and only in the past two years have we started getting proper treatment, but it's currently not enough to get us through any sort of college/coding bootcamp, even assuming we had the funds to afford such thigs. So showing off my skills through a degree or certification is pretty much out of the question.

What I really need is some large project or job I can do with some external motivation besides simply showcasing my skills, but I have no ideas on how to find such a thing, let alone applying for it if it takes the form of a job/internship/community effort when I don't have a way to showcase my skills in the first place.

If any one out there has advice on where I should look, apply myself, or resources on how to develop my skills further in a way I can document (at a low to none financial cost preferably), I could really use it.

silly chocobo stuff 

*chocobotaur hands you a large plastic egg. inside is a tiny plush chocobo*

plush chocobotaur seems like a good form to have for a bit


Cancer, Asking for Help, boosts+++ 

Hey I figure it's the holidays and folks may be looking for ways to help out with extra money.

We're currently fighting cancer/bills and medical expenses and need more visibility on our fundraiser.

Currently in remission! Exciting and relieving, but that doesn't stop the bills piling up.

If you don't want to use gofundme, there's:

More info on GFM page.

Thank you all.

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

*offhandedly refers to self as dragon*

"wait, im a dragon today? apparently im a dragon today."

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