best part of working out? being able to make my wife blush by flexing :D :D :D

selfie, ec, sports bra, December workout progress, mh(+?) 

I took a good chunk of vacation to close out the year, and I think that's helping my head settle a bit.

What has kept me afloat and going are my accountability buddies and friends. This time of year is pretty awful mental-health wise for me, so having these folks has been wonderful.

Exercise-wise, this month was all about the dumbbells and working with a stricter routine. It's working and I'm hella proud of my progress <3

If you ever wanted to learn how to TalkBox or just really like good dance music, this song is my new favorite thing. :blob_aww:

sore. achy. I started a new workout routine for this month. why do I do this to myself?

Selfie, ec, sports bra, November workout progress, mh(~) 

My mental health is garbage right now, but I'm keeping up the workout routine. I dunno if it's the season, the isolation or what. At least I'm seeing progress and sticking to something!

Selfie, ec, sports bra, exercise, mh (~) 

Seasonal depression is eating me, but at least working out is going well and helping me stay afloat

This tweet makes me super happy every time I see it

Some art of Anubis I’ve done. The first one is an aborted comic from June 2019 (I only drew the middle two frames of a planned six), and the latter three were drawn during my grandmother’s several-days-long funeral wake in January 2020.

#ErkhyanArt #Art_SFW

Oh hey, I threw another tune together. Still learning how to do this music thing (reposting because I am a derp whomst forgot to mix it better)

Look how nice my car's pecs and abs are, I'm so proud of their gains!

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