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Hello, I'm Relee the Squirrel, also known as Relee Starbreeze or Relee Baysklef.

Most of my info should be in the bio at the top or on the right, or wherever it is for you.

I've been doing the furry online thing since I came of age in the late 1990's.

I make video games and write adult stories, usually transformation-themed. I live primarily off of disability support, though I'm a well-trained computer person.

For the spicy stuff, I'll post CW'd followups to this.

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I never intend to harm anyone, and in particular I do not want to kill anybody or see them killed. If in any instance you feel harmed or threatened by an idea I present, or feel that you see a potential harm or threat from these ideas that I may not be aware of, please do not hesitate to tell me.

I cannot learn from my mistakes if I don't know what they are.

regional pronunciation 

I worked for a time doing phone support for roadside services, primarily in the United States. As a result, I spoke on the phone with people from different regions of that country.

Oddly, one of the things I discovered is that there is a particular pronunciation of "Huh?", a sound used to ask for clarification that isn't really a word... The specific version sounds more like "Haah?" and I find it somehow terribly painful to experience.

I don't know why that is.

Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here's my sona
So RP maybe?

The Jam ( ) is in its last 24 hours. I was hoping to make a prototype for my current game project, but what work I've done has mostly been learning Figma at

Still, it's more work in a week than I did all month for Strawberry Jam 6. (I did no work for that Jam, sadly)

When the Jam is over, I think I'm going to force myself to play Video Games. Probably Triangle Strategy, but maybe Final Fantasy XIV. Or both?

punk? nicepunk? 

For a while, I described my prefered fashion style as cutepunk, because I tend to present as male, or at least appear male? But I like cute stuff that is considered girly or kiddy, or both. So, I reject cultural norms and do it anyways! Cutepunk!

I wonder about Nicepunk though. Would it just be like, being nice and friendly and polite and kind? Or would it be about going to an exaggerated extreme? What would that even look like?

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punk? nicepunk? 

Disgaea 3 takes place in a school for demons, in The Netherworld, the translation of Makai... which I think is just Japanese for Magic World.

In this school things are topsy turvey. The students are praised and rewarded for acting in defiance of rules and structure and being as evil and chaotic as they please.

Raspberyl is the legendary delinquent who obeys all the rules, is never tardy, and does all the good girl things she can. On purpose. She knows. She understands.

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punk? nicepunk? 

I was driving and several people in interesting clothes crossed the street. I thought they were a bit punk, but not your normal punk? They were crossing on red, very anti-justice I guess?

I don't know what punk really is, but I think it's just a word for counterculture mixed with rebellion.

Some folks like cyberpunk, and put punk on anything.

What about nicepunk? When everyone is mean and angry all the time, is it punk to be nice?

Then I remembered Raspberyl from Disgaea 3.

comission shill 

Does anybody else like the artist Pawberry on FA? They're open for comissions and I think they're neat, so I thought I'd drop an ad for them or something.

After re-reading a third and/or fourth time, it looks like those restrictions are only for the first week, and anyone can submit after that. Also, maybe, anyone can submit for Tales & Feathers, already?

I'll have to take a proper look tomorrow, and maybe ask them. I'm too exhausted, now.

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I just heard about this magazine taking writing submissions, that @PsyChuan boosted.

It seems interesting? The submission requirements seem oddly aggressive, though, considering the sorts of stories they're looking for. It does say "Don't self reject!" but it's written in an intimidating way. I feel intimidated, anyways. A little pandered to, also? Not sure.

I might give it a go. I am disabled, trans/enby, and live in Canada, and I write sometimes.

Oh, hang on...


There's also the Trucker Blockades and the Emergency Powers stuff. Definately not thrilled about that bank account bullshit. Don't know why folks keep blaming Justin Trudeau specifically for it, like he isn't just the representative of a much larger group.

I think the Wet'suwet'en attack is much worse, though. Upsets me so few folks talk about it.

I would really like my government to stop fucking with the first nations.

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So, it's Canada Day. I generally really like Canada Day. My home town does a big thing for it, and this year is no different. I kinda have to miss it this year, for reasons. Alas.

There's been a lot of folks upset with the government and nation, though. Folks came to realize "Oh yeah, that Residental Schools thing happened. We should be ashamed." and so we are, sorta.

The attack on the Wet'suwet'en happened, though, and that's much worse and much more current.


Pride Month is come to an end. I had been meaning to post some big thread or something, analyzing this or that maybe? I dunno.

Out of time, I'll just say something I think about, sometimes.

It's not really about Pride, or being Proud. We just lack a better word for it.

It's about not being ashamed. Refusing to accept that what we are is something shameful, to be hidden away or act disgusted by.

So, I hope for Pride, you were Unashamed, and will continue to be yourself, whatever that is.


ME: ‘Fun thought experiment: What is something that potentially both of the Wonder Twins could turn into?’
RELEE: “A corpse?”
ME: ‘Touché.’

ME: ‘Hey, what birds are you most likely to see outside the Sonic movie?’
ZEPHON: “Huh?”
ME: [inflected like the Sega logo] ‘SEEEEEEAGULLLLLLS.’
[Zephon gives me A Look]

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ME: 'Did you get a... boneless pizza?'
RELEE: "Did you know those are immune to bone hurting juice?"
ME: ' God. You've cracked the code.'

ZEPHON: "Oh right, fans of Insane Clown Posse."
ME: 'I believe there is a word specifically for that.'
ZEPHON: "Juggalos, yeah."
ME: 'We wouldn't want to misjuggle them.'
ZEPHON: [holding in laughter because he's trying to drive] "Sh-sh-shuddup."

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KANADA [singing]: "The touch, the feel, of pussy! The fabric of our lives!"
ME: '...That's not inaccurate!'
ZEPHON: "Kanada, did you JUST!? Bend over backwards, put your head up your ass, and eat yourself to death!!"

ROBBY: "I'm gonna take a dump!"
RELEE: "Gasp! Robby's gonna take a dump! But I have dumps! He's gonna take MY dumps!!!"
ROBBY [villain voice]: "I'm gonna take those dumps right where they belong!"
RELEE: "Not... not...!!"

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ROBBY: "Even as a fat man, I can still kiss my lucky rabbit's foot."
ME [mildly delirious from heat]: 'I thought you were gonna say, 'Even a fat man is right twice a day'.'
[LOLs, especially Relee]
RELEE: "Even a fat man is right twice a day! Ohoho! That's so accurate it's not even true!"
[Considerably more LOLs]

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RELEE [complaining that McDonalds has 24 hour breakfast, but not the full breakfast menu]: "Mostly they have the egg sandwich. Which I don't care for because it's not scrambled."
ME: 'Relee, that is the most old man thing you have ever said.'
RELEE: [laughs for an incredibly long time]

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ROBBY: "Chicken comin' out of the oven now."
ME: 'Ha. Gay pastries come out of the oven.'
ROBBY: "Can pastries be gay?"
KANADA: "Well, they're cream-filled."

ZEPHON: "That could be the case too, never attribute to blahdeblah what can be skibbedybeebop'd."
ROBBY: "Ah yes, Scatman's Razor. Not oft seen, but always applicable."

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We were discussing why Star Trek doesn't have toilets.
ME: 'I've always subscribed to the theory that they eat replicator food and it turns directly into energy. So they just don't shit.'
ROBBY: "That's a possibility."
ME: 'So then they go down to alien planets and eat alien cuisine. And then they're like, 'Ohhhh lord, I gotta do THAT thing again.'
ELIX: "Or what about..."
ME: 'No! They have transporter chief O'Brian beam it out of them!! That's why he's sad!'

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KANADA: "Honesty birds are low on my kink tier. Ski outside of some forlorn legion I likely got nuthhin"
ME: 'Did You Just Try To Spell Foghorn Leghorn?'

ROBBY: "This next part is gonna be harrrrd..."
RELEE [lightning-quick response]: "Harder than your dick in a Crocodile Dentist?"

ROBBY: "Now we've got airplanes in the ground and hockey in the sky."
ELIX: "airplanes in the ground... Those are Subways, Robby, I have been telling you this for five fucking years."

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