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i'm gonna post my fursona that my fiancé drew for me and pin it here, just bc it's the only reference i have thus far. sjdhrj

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ok! finally gonna make an .

- Richie
- he/him
- 24
- disaster bisexual :bisexual_flag:
- trans/nb/genderqueer (not transmasc tho) :transgender_flag:
- taken, engaged :otterheart:
- white
- leftist :antifa:
- Jewish conversion student ✡
- pisces sun 🐟🐟☀️, aries moon 🐏🌙

@richie there's a generation of people in the uk who had their psyches irreparably warped by this creature. not all of us regret it but we are all, undeniably, changed

we've never seen cowboy levels like this

(08%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Btw you know 'decolonisation' or 'land back' are not only jargon, right? It requires giving back sovereignty to First Nation people which also means give them main political power, region, resources and let their population thrive?

weird joke, not great for screen readers 

21 pilots
100 gecs
blink 182
sum 41

when i go from 'do not disturb' to 'idle' on discord, that's how you know i've broken out of a depressive episode.

what's up, fellas!

i'm listening to Montero for the 29483954162736th time this week!

⚠️ trade offer ⚠️

i receive: kis
you receive: also kis

and yes i am ignoring all Muppet Babies media in this discussion bc as far as i'm concerned that is an entirely different canon. it's definitely an AU. dkdjfkf

Muppets AU where Baby

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i haven't watched the new Muppets Now show yet (bc i'm waiting for either my fiancé or best friend to be able to watch it with me), so i don't know if Rowlf has been used a little more in that show and thus would negate what i've been saying up until this point,

but alls i knows is that before Muppets Now all of the shows and movies since the 2011 revival were lacking in Prime Rowlf Content.

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me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

fr tho, one thing that irks me about Rowlf being underutilized since the 2011 revival is that Rowlf was like... one of Jim Henson's biggest characters back in the day?

Rowlf played a huge role in the original Muppet Show, and Jim Henson seemed to be very fond of him bc he would bring him along to interviews on talk shows and stuff instead of Kermit sometimes.

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