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what's better than this........ little dog with little punkins....

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i'm gonna post my fursona that my fiancé drew for me and pin it here, just bc it's the only reference i have thus far. sjdhrj

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ok! finally gonna make an .

- Richie
- he/him
- 24
- disaster bisexual :bisexual_flag:
- trans/nb/genderqueer (not transmasc tho) :transgender_flag:
- taken, engaged :otterheart:
- white
- leftist :antifa:
- Jewish conversion student ✡
- pisces sun 🐟🐟☀️, aries moon 🐏🌙

but CR Kingdom seems a lot less desperate to pressure you out of your lunch money. so i'm enjoying it a lot so far.

esp bc i am notorious with all of my friends for getting way too into town-building games. dkfjfkf

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i missed these stupid cookies a lot tbh.

Cookie Run got overwhelming bc they kept putting out new cookies that were OP and so if you wanted to be able to keep up in competitive runs then you had to have the New Cool Cookies to get decent scores.

and ofc it all runs on gachas so you have to pour money into it at some point to get the good stuff.

and also they kept releasing a new cookie like every 3 weeks, so it became stupid expensive to keep up.

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yo, anybody play Cookie Run Kingdom?

i've been playing the hell out of it this past week. i was waiting so long for this game to come out.

gimme your friend codes and i'll add you. :blobcateyes:

oh actually i have another small success tonight. i finally sent an email to ask for an appointment with my Rabbi to talk about my conversion journey bc they keep forgetting to re-schedule me. u_u;;

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i'm botherkin, which means i kin whatever bothers you the most

i'm shopping for (cheap-ish) art tablets with a screen, and this one's example image is art of a vtuber i like so i feel like this one is specifically advertising to Me.

banana levels are currently at 65% but fluctuating wildly

(65%) ■■■■■■□□□□

who was the city idiot that said nature is peaceful?

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it's like real life twitter outside. with real birds. shouting.

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no one told me to but i did do it, so i have my small success for tonight.

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someone tell me to put lotion on before the dry air sucks all moisture left in my pallid skin.

mario is a small business owner who violates labor laws

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