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i'm gonna post my fursona that my fiancé drew for me and pin it here, just bc it's the only reference i have thus far. sjdhrj

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ok! finally gonna make an .

- Richie
- he/him
- 24
- disaster bisexual :bisexual_flag:
- trans/nb/genderqueer (not transmasc tho) :transgender_flag:
- taken, engaged :otterheart:
- white
- leftist :antifa:
- Jewish conversion student ✡
- pisces sun 🐟🐟☀️, aries moon 🐏🌙

i may start being more active on my laserdisc account than on this one if anyone wants to follow me there.

would it be a power move to get top surgery and then afterwards get my nipples pierced?

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i may start being more active on my laserdisc account than on this one if anyone wants to follow me there.

ik i've probably said this already but g•d i can't wait til it's safe to finally go temple. 😞

wouldn't ethical consumption come after capitalism alphabetically

yeah I'm bisexual I love Women and Prefer Not To Say

i think wearing bibs while u eat shouldn't be frowned upon as an adult.

i have motor skill issues and spill liquid on myself frequently when trying to drink, and the best i can do to defend against that is tuck a flimsy ass napkin in my shirt that does fuck all rly.

the more popular dragons get, the more power i wield as an ice type. keep it up folks

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