i had 16oz of caffeinated coffee today after only eating mashed sweet potatos for lunch so i was shaking violently while playing Dr. Mario all afternoon.

as someone with ADHD and severe anxiety, caffeine doesn't give me any energy, it just makes me feel like my body is halfway phasing into another dimension.

@richie ahahaha what a mood

still drinking coffee tho

@richie its a nefarious game. too little coffee and i'm just low key anxious and irritable, too much coffee and i'm speed running between alternate dimensions while hysterical. but just in between those two extremes, a 2cm square that reads I can Focus.

@popstar i always get decaf except for this one boba tea place that has this specific blend that slaps my ass so right, but they don't do decaf so i must simp for the coffee and let the caffeine wreak havoc on my body as it wishes.

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