@pisscotheque my fiancé hates Mr. Blobby so fucking much bc they grew up in the UK and i only discovered the mad lad about 2 years ago and i love this horrifying pink sin against man and G•d.

@richie there's a generation of people in the uk who had their psyches irreparably warped by this creature. not all of us regret it but we are all, undeniably, changed

@pisscotheque so i've been told.

he's like if all 4 of the Teletubbies were fused into one, forcing too much eccentric inhuman children's mascot energy into 1 being and thus creating one that is incredibly unhinged. definitely unsafe for human contact.

@pisscotheque one of the funniest videos i've ever seen in my life is when Mr. Blobby was brought on as a surprise guest on the Big Fat Quiz show 90's edition, and proceeded to horrify the guest contestants and genuinely scare Jack Whitehall absolutely shitless.


@richie i read an account recently from someone who knew the original blobby actor, apparently she was a butch lesbian who was really into raves and s&m. wonder if that's her


@pisscotheque (sorry for the late reply)

omg ok what an icon. we do stan unhinged butches.

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