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Im proud to introduce my finalized drag concept 

there are the same number of cakes as humans, every time you eat a cake you are eating someone's gender

Queer culture is existing against the will of the world

uspol, religion, sort of shitposty 

plural microfic 

NSFW butt pics, spanking aftermath 

Politics kinda, drugs kinda 

I really like Detroit's vibe so far. It's got all the haunted energy of New England with all the cryptid energy of the Midwest AND all the cyberpunk energy of Chicago.

uspol/religion shitpost 

@nora lol baby I'm 90% sure the line is "the cold straight world up there"

It's about the fall in line bullshit in the Orthodox community

this is 100% the face that every dog makes when you shout "WHAT DO YOU HAVE?? DROP IT!!"

My love life according to my grandpa 

Kinda lewd, romance uwu 

Lewd, spanking 

I'm introducing my grandma to the Great British Baking Show after introducing her to Queer Eye.... We're having A Night

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