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drawn furry eye contact, the full picture of my pfp! 

It's Raelyn! She's trans and snowfox and I'm love her v much :heart_trans:

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(metallica voice)
enveloping me
all that i see
big fluffy plushies

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Look at this incredible ref sheet of Saphie I got from @nalenthi!!!!!

Follow them and check our their art & commissions page! They're both super cool 💖

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Hello! ✨

I'm Saphie (or Luna!), my pronouns are vi/vir and I'm a gay dragon-cat-thing with a big love for all things music, computers, and video games!

I was previously on, and I'm here to vibe away from a lot of the stress I face over there,

I'm also a very soff plushie and great for hugs :blobcatreach: :sparkles_trans:

Feel free to send a follow request, it's so I can see who follows me before they do :3

That's all! Hope to make lots of friends here ✨

<type slack message with ,,,,,>
wait fuck


gettin kinda tired of disassociating for literally no reason let *me* do things come on man

cute date idea: we cuddle and you give me treats

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