illustrated strong eye contact 


(new avatar cropped from a recent @DarkOverord commission, please consider getting on their Patreon to see the full version earlier!)

alcohol, vrchat invitation 

Hey here is your reminder that tomorrow is the first Friday of the month, which means it's vrchat drinking night!

Grab yourself some booze of your choice and come join us for a night of inebriated hijinks.

📣It starts Friday evening at about 8pm eastern/5pm pacific.

📣Drinking is not a requirement if you don't want to! just be aware most everyone probably will.

📣The main venue will be on a quest compatible world (gonna do that heaven/hell club again cuz it worked well last time)

📣Make sure you have plenty of water on standby too. Food in your tummy. A clean playspace. And maybe a towel for spills just in case ya bonk something in VR. Be mindful of your limits too!!

📣Bonus reminder: try and make use of saying "Clear Comms" if things are too chaotic and you need to say something. Everyone, please try and be attentive when you hear someone say that ok? 💖

Love you all! can't wait to hang out! see ya there :koboldbeam:

I'm going to wait on the PC release of Monster Hunter Rise!

nsfw furry porn!! big feral dragon lady plays videogames and also has a dildo up her cloaca 

Patreon reward for dragonnamedredd ( )!

she'll get around to cumming once she clears the raid. it might take a couple hours

what is so good about a thing peeking out from behind a wall. when will science figure this out

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Pokémon games announcements give me toxic urges every time and I wish that wasn't the case, haha

Especially because I don't play them, there's no need for my aggravated input whatsoever, I really need to accept I'm simply not the audience for these anyways, it's just, hmm

I think it's because I have had lifelong compulsions of looking at certain Pokémon and going "god I want to be that so badly", I also can't help but wish the games didn't turn me away so aggressively

lewd multi furry sketch 

This guy can fap twice at the same time.

I've been commissioning Sega Master System cover-inspired art for my Twitch stream promos. I love the charmingly bad SMS art and thinking of ways to apply it to existing games.

Art by @/ALJIllustration on Twitter.

hey lemme know if anyone else is interested in one of those streambuddy commissions. $50 for black&white, $100 for coloured.

Stream, self promo, Dark Souls 3 

this is starting now-ish!

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Stream, self promo, Dark Souls 3 

dark souls 3 dark souls 3 dark souls 3

Starting on at 5:00pm ET!

Stream, self promo, Dark Souls 3 

dark souls 3 dark souls 3 dark souls 3

Starting on at 5:00pm ET!

When I'm not a bear, I'm usually a dragon called Neman.

Art by Zeiros, TacoRat, Necrotext and PanthMora.


Hello, I'm Real Soviet Bear. I used to be on Masto before Snouts blew up and wasn't in the mood to migrate. Now I kind of want a place to be more laid back so I moved to here. This also means my old follows/followers are lost, so starting from zilch.

I design games as my day job, I stream games as a hobby and I really like the Sega Master System. I also really like bears.

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