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Other characters:

Numl the Fox:
Basil the Sergal:
Nathaniel the Skunk:

Other characters:

Numl the Fox:
Basil the Sergal:
Nathaniel the Skunk:

I was trying to remember the name of the game Phasmophobia, and the two names I came up with before remembering it were "Paranormaling" and "Ghost game"

still flabbergasted at the temerity of people trying to claim FF7 isn't 'actually' about corporate malfeasance and environmentalism because 'it's really about fighting Sephiroth'

yes, and Sephiroth is a problem created by... whom? whose goals are... what, exactly?

Size horny 

mega macro naga Connie as a hedonistic snake god

Kink, growth 

Connie sprawled across the street, blocking traffic, their growing coils starting to push vehicles out of the way as they stammer out between pleasured moans "I, I can't stop getting longer... It feels too good..."

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Kink, growth 

Thinking about involuntary, slow, nonstop coil growth...

SFW furry art (no description), snake 

Made myself a neat snake/naga form, using a base from Samalab-Bases on Deviantart


Welcome aboard the SS Constructive Criticism, I'm your captain and ... you're wearing that?

I have never had a fursona I was so attracted to that was actively distracted by just thinking about them throughout the day before, but here we are

sure is a lot of anime and JRPGs where the protagonist's primary internal conflict is struggling with wanting to live and/or believing that their friends care about them

Flower fox (patreon reward)

I like how soft this came out

new form and new refsheet by the amazing @chr

I will never be over this <3 <3 <3 thank you again, you incredible dragon, you

Jamming out, TRON-style! :leftpi: 🎵

[pi/pem or they/them]


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