Oh the sketch I based it off. This more than all my other 3d practices went super off model, but I don't think that's a bad thing, the sketches served as a good base

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Stream, self promo, Dark Souls 2, Spelunky 2 

Tonight, @RandomDecimal and I should finally finish Dark Souls 2. That'll start on twitch.tv/TankControls at about 5:30pm ET! Afterwards, some Spelunky 2 runs for filler.

Mh ~ - 

Don't feel good today! Anxious at work. Tense and a little nauseous. Got that background radiation of "did you know your stability is walking on a razor's edge at all times and all it would take is one bad day to take it all away?" going on.

Multiple people have linked me that tweet about The Protomen being Hamilton for Gamers. It is of course, inaccurate. Both Hamilton and The Protomen are actually Jesus Christ Superstar for Millennials.

free "sketch" 44 for Mudtalon7 ( twitter.com/mudtalon7 ). I strongly advise against accepting a ride or any other sort of favor from this creature, regardless of what it tells you.

yall. i commissioned @fluxom_art again and she fucking knocked it out of the park

its kai doing some self maintenance :dragnhearteyes:

getting unplugged from the matrix would be interesting as a furry, because once you came to realise that the version of "you" in the matrix is just "how you picture you" then all subsequent trips would result in you being your fursona

communo-communism, TWICE as communist

Broad kink dialogue musing, naga 

This is among the reasons why I want to be a naga, I wanna occupy all of your floorspace

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Broad kink dialogue musing 

close second, in similar scenarios, is proudly stating:

"You have *no* idea how good this feels."

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Broad kink dialogue musing 

It works in a really broad number of kinks (macro, growth, multi, tf, clones, and more) but hands down the hottest thing a character can say, to me, is passionately exclaiming:

"There's so MUCH of me...!"

Term that has become a furry red flag to me 


Every time I see this word it's from, like, a husky furry who says something like "I'm just a fluffy silly derp doggo, loves to snuggle!" And then I check it their timeline and they are dismissing BLM or the fascist US government as "drama".

vrchat photo, eye contact 

you got games on your phone?

@sharkNserg *Gestures a pear shape in the air, but trails her hands off at the end indicating a shark tail*

Was Cho Aniki pro or anti gay rights in this article i'll

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