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Other characters:

Numl the Fox:
Basil the Sergal:
Nathaniel the Skunk:

I just keep wanting to draw my fursonas sitting in libraries reading. I am not sure if this is a reaction to lingering stress from Hurricane Ida and maybe also Katrina PTSD it dredged up, a reaction to finally getting enough shelves in our place to unpack all the books I shipped down from Seattle, both of the above, or something else.

There are at least two cats in this drawing. And probably at least one more of these images coming.

Process notes are

*grabs my gender and stretches it out like silly putty* haha

macro/paw kink 

need to find someone interested in helping me live this out via RP tbh, give me the big lucario steppies

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macro/paw kink 

Macro Lucario massaging aura into you with its enormous feetpaws.

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Picking up kinks from media 

Me watching Spider-Man 2 back in 2004: oh so he has big robot tentacles, but they have a mind of their own now, and also they're making him do stuff. wonder what that feels like. better think about it nonstop for the next 17 years

For your consideration: Triceratops Neman (by MrKermodeBear)

furry art, big breasts 

Big titty wolf boyfriend

🎨 @Ficus

Experiencing a new kind of pronoun frustration in that someone I'm very close to that has respected my pronouns for years is almost constantly misgendering Kris Deltarune for days in a row

Couple of kinks 

Macro maned wolf taur, please

reh here's a drawing of River i been working on, lookit herrrrr

dragon dragon dragon 

What a glow up River's gone through tho like dang :KoboldOwO:

pic 1: the very first draft of her design, done on October 1st 2018 (woah River day is coming up soon! O: )

pic 2: model sheet pose made towards the beginning of 2021

pic 3: the art i just finished last night with some pretty significant further changes O:

It's hard getting around these busy streets, in a commission for Dex. [2019]

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