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Other characters:

Numl the Fox:
Basil the Sergal:
Nathaniel the Skunk:


going through it all in my head, yeah, I think I'm legitimately done with all my prep, with a full day to spare

sunday stream is gonna happen

for those of you not spoiled on the new stream production stuff I've been working on: I sincerely hope to knock you dead, I'm so proud of how it all came out

From an emotional strandpoint this wasn't a good time for my internet to go out

macro, romance, brazen self-promotion 

While I can't make #Anthrocon2022, my queer macro romance novel, Saida & Autumn, will be available at the @FurPlanet table!

honey wake up it's time to listen to the entire bomberman hero soundtrack again

Stream, Self Promo 

TANKCONTROLS resumes on SUNDAYS, TUESDAYS, and FRIDAYS at 5pm Eastern, with a three-game rotation of:

Hyper Light Drifter
FFXIV Heavensward
Yakuza 3

all on https://www.twitch./TankControls

weird merge and restriction kink 

"Even if I didn't get this big beautiful body out of it, just thinking about how you're in here with me, unable to do anything anymore... it's hot, okay? It makes me feel good~"

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weird merge and restriction kink 

really, really into the idea of accidentally merging with someone in some kind of magic/science accident, but they end up in total control of the shared body, and they *really* like it and decide to not look for a "cure"

d'you know how bad I'd melt when they eventually admit they're not just overlooking the fact that I've become their captive audience with no agency, but they actually decided they *prefer* me this way

New me

My second drawing where I added shading, but this time I didn't stop halfway through. I'm very happy with the outcome.

Stream promo 

Playing Devil May Cry 1 for the first time:

this was supposed to be a gif but it didn't upload as one for whatever reason, so here's the gif version

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Griping about shitty game company 

Having internet troubles while playing Kingdom Hearts 1 on epic games store, so it won't let me play Kingdom Hearts 1 until internet connection is stable.
Kingdom Hearts 1.
The always online game from the PS2.
Fuck you epic games.

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