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Other characters:

Numl the Fox:
Basil the Sergal:
Nathaniel the Skunk:

I think the Weaver crafting job in FFXIV should have OGCDs

you know

so you can weave while you weave

kink activation phrases 

"There's so much of me."
"You have no idea how good this feels."
"I like you better this way."

Minecraft mod that lets you play as josuke from jojo but you can't mine diamonds


if you repair your weapon as gunbreaker, you're missing the entire point of the job.

nsfw, TF 

Giving up the secret on what my eldest sona looked like because the plush is basically just that, but smaller and cuter

macro/paws kink 

Helps that I'm a sucker for very shy "I-is this okay?" types of doms

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macro/paws kink 

I just want a small kobold to get really big and to power trip on their newfound strength and use it to make me worship their paws, ok

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Stream promo 

Trying to go live with Devil May Cry 3 despite Twitch's best efforts to stop it:

macro kink 

got macro kobolds on the mind again

What asshole put my consciousness inside a body

so uh, where do people recommend getting binders these days?

boost okay


so i opened up my unity project for the avali and everything is way out of date. im greeted with the eyes in this configuration

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