@g I'm really surprised with how much I like having those! Other avatars hands felt tiny after last night...

@sharkNserg I'm positive I've seen this model somewhere before now but I absolutely cannot place where

@Moot it only recently got completed; maybe you caught some of the in progress shots the artist was posting on Twitter?

@sharkNserg oooooooh wait did ropnolc make this because I think I saw a bunch of WIPs

@sharkNserg oh yeah he's a friend of mine, I've been following his 3d stuff and he's really improved on it, as this proves

@Remy @sharkNserg @phenokage @decimal oh dang i gotta know how these got made, i wanna do it with my avatars too

@kat @Remy @sharkNserg @phenokage Phenokage and SharkNSerg (and I) went to a matrix-themed world where the walls and floor were all the exact same color of off-white.
Then Phenokage, on desktop version, took screenshots of SharkNSerg mugging for the camera!
SharkNSerg said they would probably just open the screenshots in photoshop, use magic wand on the blank space, and subtract a few pixels for the outline, making the rest transparent!

@kat I just needed a friend in desktop mode VRchat to take very stable screenshots, and we used a Matrix-themed world to get a flat empty background. Then they were eaay to cut out in Photoshop to make transparent and slap a white border on!

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