I'm wanting to get a big elaborate commission to celebrate my upcoming four year anniversary with my wife. Any recommendations for who is open right now for something like that?

sfw nudity, furries cuddling 

Here's what we got last year, by @_knucklebone! (I'd commission them again if they were open for multicharacter stuff right now, this was great)

ok to RT this if you wanna help me find someone!

sfw nudity, furries cuddling 

@sharkNserg this is so hecking cute

re: sfw nudity, furries cuddling 

@sharkNserg awww, you two are very cute!

sfw nudity, furries cuddling 

@sharkNserg I don't know if @ljames is open right now but they are always one of my favorites

sfw nudity, furries cuddling 

@ljames @david Are you? I'll consider you if so, still looking around right now!

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