when I was like, five years old, in kindergarten, I was lamenting how us as kids didn't have any money to trade for cool stuff we had that we might have wanted for each other, and I had this idea of like "what if we made our own form of money just for us" 🧵

I ended up thinking, with my five year old brain, what kind of thing we could maybe use in place of the money adults have, and I ended up settling on the lids of the little plastic cups used for sauces or things that came with the school lunches. they're coin-shaped at least

I realized that I needed to pitch this idea to other kids, but before I did, my nefarious child brain decided "before I do tell them, maybe... I should collect a bunch for myself so when I get people to use this, I'll already have a bunch"

when I finally did tell other kids at lunch about this they completely ignored me and I had pockets full of plastic sauce cup lids that I wanted to convince everyone else was money so I could have a bunch of money


anyways that's just bitcoin

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@sharkNserg i think it's very funny that even those plastic lids have arguably more tangible value than a digital receipt for a terrible picture of a monkey

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