I kept forgetting to post this so I'm going to do it now:
@bupy made this for me the other week to cheer me up, and let me tell you, it worked immensely

@sharkNserg @bupy

This, but instead of delivering food, an adorable snek just shows up at your front door so you can boop their snoot.

@sharkNserg @aearo @bupy This is one of the most blessed ideas we've ever seen.

@sharkNserg @bupy

Snuber beeps! Yesss! :dragnhappy:

*orders a snuber beep, then paces eagerly back and forth in front of the door until they arrive*

@sharkNserg @bupy

*would tip them really well, but obviously snuber beeps operates in a post-scarcity, post-capitalism society where the snuber beepers volunteer because they like making people happy and getting boops*

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