weird merge and restriction kink 

really, really into the idea of accidentally merging with someone in some kind of magic/science accident, but they end up in total control of the shared body, and they *really* like it and decide to not look for a "cure"

d'you know how bad I'd melt when they eventually admit they're not just overlooking the fact that I've become their captive audience with no agency, but they actually decided they *prefer* me this way

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weird merge and restriction kink 

"Even if I didn't get this big beautiful body out of it, just thinking about how you're in here with me, unable to do anything anymore... it's hot, okay? It makes me feel good~"

weird merge and restriction kink 

@sharkNserg "I like you better like this" is a top-shelf activation phrase for a lllllllot of kinks, yeah

weird merge and restriction kink 

@Pebble Makes my heart flutter to have it pointed at me, those words <3 <3 <3

weird merge and restriction kink 

@sharkNserg this is really good, gosh

weird merge and restriction kink 

@Aetous aaaa I'm glad you like it

I am basically always pining for someone to give me this kind of attention from the dom side but I respect that my likes are very specific and weird so it's not frequent, haha

weird merge and restriction kink 

@sharkNserg yess same, uneven mergings and appendage tf is extremely fucking good

i'm more into like slowly becoming and inseparable part of someone over a long period of time

that my identity changes to become a part of their form that brings them joy/affirmations

also a bit into permanence teasing

weird merge and restriction kink 

@sharkNserg this is… really hot

weird merge and restriction kink 

@nytpu right?! I daydream about this a lot <3

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