explaining the meme 

based on this old picture of Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising

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hope you brought lots of repair nanopaste for this boss fight

(thanks to @ScentientSnout@twitter.com <3)

vrchat photos 

I made the cloneable version of my avatar "canon" height (7'5"), and then I switched to an IRL height Connie (6'2") to experience how Big I Am, and


If you use @VRChat Plus and have enjoyed the improved accessibility features and quality of life tweaks that only mods can bring while the developers have dragged their feet for years, now's the time to send a message. The more people that drop support, the clearer the message.

Please boost this, too!

ishgard is cold, but you can keep warm with a nice fireplace and a nice chocoboconnie to snuggle with ::>

(gift from
@bupy that makes me smile so much my face hurts, I feel outrageously pretty here... kweh 💕)

stream, self promo, FFXIV 

New YouTube upload:

Let's Try Diplomacy ► Final Fantasy XIV Online: Heavensward PART 03


stream, self promo, Hyper Light Drifter 

today I will be streaming HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER, at the usual place of twitch.tv/TankControls at the usual time of 5pm Eastern

Was just buying milk and eggs and saw this and Metro made me stop dead in our tracks to take a picture of this because they want to be drawn in it by someone really bad

YouTube self-promo, FFXIV 

New Youtube upload:

They Gave Guns To A Cat - Final Fantasy XIV Online: Heavensward PART 02


youtube, self promo, Hyper Light Drifter 

New Archive video:

@#$% ya bones! ► Hyper Light Drifter PART 02


youtube, self promo, Hyper Light Drifter 

new Archive Video:

"It's Got A Laser Sword ► Hyper Light Drifter PART 01"


stream, self promo, Hyper Light Drifter 

Going live with more Hyper Light Drifter in about ten minutes or so!


stream, self promo 

new archive video: They Told Me To Skip This One ► Yakuza 3 PART 01


stream, self promo, Yakuza 3 

it's friday

it is kamurocho crimetime once again

Yakuza 3 starting in just a little bit!


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