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furcon DJ stuff 

Hey folks! Looks like I've been confirmed for Wild Prairie Furcon (WPFC), Manitoba Canada's first ever furcon!

I was DJ for the opening year, and I'm glad to be back! I can't wait to see how the con has grown!

(this is an open invitation for folks from fedi who go to this con to come say hi to me at some point!)

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Boundaries post 

I really don't want to be flirted with, thanks.

Don't come at me about Christian shit, I'll just block you

Please don't follow me if your in a lewd accounts, I'm not interested in interacting with the horny thanks

Don't correct my spelling, I have a chronic pain issue that affects my ability to type

Oh and fuck off if your going to be gatekeeping who gets to be disabled enough or neurodiverse enough

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selfies, photos from the gig on saturday night 

Well, I had the absolute pleasure of doing sound for Alien to the Ignorant on Saturday night. Local (ish) proper 2006 Emo/Screamo band with a record at the merch table.

Absolutely one of the best bands i've worked with in a very very long time, and a fucking blast of a record.

Was also the nicest setup I've run in years, and the largest set I've run in 4.

Here's some pics of me in the booth, doing what I love

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13 mics, 3 DIs, 3 acts.

Fucking. Bliss. Running sound was what I was born to do

yknow.... im really playing with the idea of agender lately.

So, in running queer youth group last night, I was reminded of @mira's "Skirt Go Spinny", and I need yall to remember it too.

Not only is it a banger, but it is just... just... ugh just *chefs kiss* so good

ugh gross i just got an email about "donate your crypto currency to charities like these"


no i will not stop complaining about spreadsheets and numbrers until this is damn well done

i need me my money dammit

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complainign about math/spreadsheets, caps 

math doesnt lie they say


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Wtf do you mean, Mx. Spreadsheet?

What do you mean my formula ends up being $300~ under in Q1, and $2.56 under in Q2?

I fed you the same damn formulas, there shouldn't be a 0.46% and 0.01% variance from the amount claimed.

Ugh fucking spreadsheeets

Day whatever with an M1 Macbook 

otherwise, the battery will easily last a full workday of office work, and ive had pretty amazing results doing some sound design and music writing on the go off the battery

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Day whatever with an M1 Macbook 

This machine is simply an amazing computer.

That being said, it would seem as if running a usb keyboard & hub is draining my battery faster than if i just leave it without anything plugged in. Perhaps its just that the wattage draw from this keyboard is more intense than i expected, being fully RGB backlit and what not.

lol gotta love it when non-queer folks demand your time and expertise for free

lol, may i interest you in "paying for queer labour"

info dumping about m1 macbooks 

One of the cool features of this generation of mac is honestly the usb-c/thunderbolt 4 ports.

I get that having to have adapters and dongles and shit for your laptop is really annoying, but once i pick up a USB-C to USB-C cable, ill be able to plug in a single cable and through that have power, mouse, monitor, keyboard, usb hub, ethernet, audio interface, and midi gear all automatically connect and be set up

Now that is some swanky shit right there

so... 1 day, 4 hours outside of meetings, and one entry?

lets fuckin go

K so Telegram wants my phone number, and I know Signal is gross too.

Whats a good option for privacy maintaining messaging platforms these days?

I find myself too in the public eye to trust my private communications to corporate platforms and what not.

ACAB, music to live by 

The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead One - Propaghandi

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Transphobia in policy, prison reform policy, ACAB 

It's funny that they came to an abolitionist organization and abolisionist activist for input on their horrifically transphobic policy, and tried to pull the "see were doing amazing work"

Like nah if you wanna make prisons better for trans people how bout you start off by doing away with prisons as a whole, and gender based correctional policy on top of that

Fuck cops, fuck the industrial prison complex

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Transphobia in policy, prison reform policy 

Ugh gross. I've been asked to weigh in on a policy for the local prison system that "aims to materialisticly improve the lives of trans and gender diverse peoples"

One section of the policy states "Sex in the offender registry can only be changed 'following confirmation of gender-affirming surgery involving a change to genitalia"

EXCUSE ME WHAT!? The federal government doesn't even hold to these transphobic standards anymore wtffffff

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