Intro post 

Hi! Time for a quick and dirty intro post

I'm Ari/Kitty, and I'm just chilling being queer af and enjoying having an account a little less separated from my day to day work of queer activism! If you wanna learn about that stuff check out @eclectic

I make art sometimes, and music more often than that. I read a lot of queer scifi and fantasy books. I collect vinyl and plushies, and collect giant RPGs that I never actually play instead of the like 3 games I do play

Did I miss anything?


Boundaries post 

I really don't want to be flirted with, thanks.

Don't come at me about Christian shit, I'll just block you

Please don't follow me if your in a lewd accounts, I'm not interested in interacting with the horny thanks

Don't correct my spelling, I have a chronic pain issue that affects my ability to type

Oh and fuck off if your going to be gatekeeping who gets to be disabled enough or neurodiverse enough

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