oops its a track...

coming soon maybe? probably. if i can summon the emotional spoons to create a release

Here's a teaser of the track that resulted from tonights stream!

Thanks everyone who joined, make sure to follow @streams or subscribe via browser notifications from the site directly (eclecticmedia.owncast.tv/)

I asked the participants in the social support group for trans/gender diverse that I facilitate through work for interviews with gender diverse people that might be interesting in flipping.

it turned into this, what I'm probably going to call non-binary particles.

pride wheelchair selfie, ec 

It was really really amazing to be one of the people in the parade in a wheelchair, shouting loud and proud and engaging with every single fellow disabled person I could see in the crowd.

It was terrifying, empowering, and so very very very hard to be in a wheelchair, when 3 or 4 years ago I was longboarding the length of the parade doing steady-cam footage for the organizers

I broke down at least twice today about the chair, but I would've been worse off without it.

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pride selfie collage, ec 

Well, my local pride parade was today, and i managed to make it through!

I couldn't have done it if not for two of my lovelies, who helped be an able body when I couldn't be one, and held me through all the breakdowns and the meltdowns and the crying.

The wheelchair was a success, my organization made it through alright, and everything is finally over. I'm so glad.

Wheelchair selfie, ec, no media descriptions I'm sorry I'm tired and have no spoons 

Am I still pretty?

Feat. Pride milkshake from a queer owned restaurant

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What's that? What did I do for selfcare today? Oh! Thanks for asking!

I became gayer, and just in time for pride!

We started here, and got to the lovely synthscape above!

god i love doing sample flips xD

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I knew this week off would result in something fun coming out of my studio.

(short loop of some fun electronica grooves)

Selfie with my BIRTHMOM!?!?!?!? 

Aaaaa omg I hugged her omg

And she bought me pints, and she was cool and amazing


selfies, photos from the gig on saturday night 

Well, I had the absolute pleasure of doing sound for Alien to the Ignorant on Saturday night. Local (ish) proper 2006 Emo/Screamo band with a record at the merch table.

Absolutely one of the best bands i've worked with in a very very long time, and a fucking blast of a record.

Was also the nicest setup I've run in years, and the largest set I've run in 4.

Here's some pics of me in the booth, doing what I love

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13 mics, 3 DIs, 3 acts.

Fucking. Bliss. Running sound was what I was born to do

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