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a random observation about myself

I like to laugh. As a kid, especially once i hit my teens, laughing was almost not allowed at home. Laughing broke the silence, and was an uncomfortable thing. Besides, my life was too dark and grim to laugh anyways

Now almost as an effort to make up for those lost years of laughter, I like to laugh big and loud and boisterously. I like to laugh about little things, about nothing. I like to laugh because I love the way that it makes others comfy

And its good.

Despite being a DJ, I have almost 0 dance, EDM, or electronica in my record collection.

I've finally bought music that isn't just super popular rock or jazz for once

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New vinyl in the collection:

Disclosure - Ecstacy LP
Jungle - Loving in Stereotype

I am very excited.

Yknow... one of the things thats significantly different using MacOS for streaming pro-audio compared to Linux is that on linux, if my meters say things work its the case. Its a pain to set everything, but at least i can know definitevely what works and what doesnt.

On mac, i keep running into "this should be in sync, but actually its distorting due to clock jitter.

Just... kinda annoying honestly. Its easy enough to fix, but still

My Analog Journal is just so fucking fantastic for working vibes

Disco/Boogie [...] from Ghana [...]

you wot m8 fucking sign me up for this musical adventure thanks

Mh--, ptsd stuff, I hate trauma 

totalFlashbacks += 1

Horrid sensations I've learned I experienced also += 1

Fuck I hate PTSD, I wish I didn't ever have to experience any of this

I wish I could've just had an okay life

like fr, working with javascript feels like my brain is friggin melting

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Wtf do you mean I need an $80 license for sublime text

Since fucking when?

No, it's the rest of the world that's too cis-het-normative

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Sitting with my girlfriend (18 years older than me), her kids (12 and 14), and her boyfriend (10 ish years older than me) for breakfast at a restaurant.

I only just realized this isn't normal, is my life too queer?

Here's a teaser of the track that resulted from tonights stream!

Thanks everyone who joined, make sure to follow @streams or subscribe via browser notifications from the site directly (

Stream link for tonight, roughly 1 hour from now:

Also also, follow the stream on the fedi for notifications!


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You can follow the stream on the fediverse now!

Follow @streams to get a toot every time I go live!

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Which would you rather see, me spinning house and techno live, or me making some tunes live?

Stream is going to be roughly 7PM CST (

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