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@softenby trying too hard to be a kiddie film about a weird family, I think. I kinda feel the Addams Family is canonically more an older teen through adult sort of feel.

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see a bird, boost a bird. see a bird, boost a bird

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etc. etc. grumpy about capitalism, but it's especially annoying that a major land owner will happily cut off power for hundreds of residents at peak hours so they can build a new building nobody wants instead of maintaining the one they already have

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I really like Detroit's vibe so far. It's got all the haunted energy of New England with all the cryptid energy of the Midwest AND all the cyberpunk energy of Chicago.

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me: "gee what's this anime"
description: "The story begins when the very normal high school student"
me:"ok bye"

if i dont get accepted as an admin to this art group im calling shenanigans, my art app is so good

trying to come up with a new art alias hoog :ablobcathappypaws:

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420 joke 

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