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[leaning in very close to the microphone]

trans rights

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i am very easy to befriend and i encourage you to just reply to my toots for any reason

i will usually respond or failing that i will at least fave your toot if i'd just go "nice" or something

(be my friend)

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furries adjacent to me get a resource production bonus

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"solitaire," people keep asking me, "Are you a furry?"

the asnwer to this question is whatever you think is funniest at the time

fucked up that i started dad music discourse and then wasn't even on mastodon for it

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remembering to do my job to help keep the instance clean thanks to checking my email for any news on my death stranding key arriving

i don't know what to cw this, "shitheads" and "mental health" maybe 

hmmm maybe spending multiple years ready to sever the friend group it was becoming more and more obvious were shitheads was damaging to my psyche and my ability to form friendships over the internet

fucked up that trent reznor is, technically, dad music

clicking on a *kink CW an d nodding my head sagely at the wisdom contained therein,


hotswitch is so much better than every other ability up to this point it's unreal and it's literally just the power from the first game

so far it's also the only one that's worth losing a heart for, even


preventing a friend from becoming a cop is one of my most valuable contributions to society

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seven hours later i come back to find out that my post about following people went places


yes i do use that term because saying "friend" feels presumptive, why do you ask

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following new people is cool because it opens up this growing web of replies you otherwise wouldn't have noticed in the home timeline, revealing the ways in which your internet acquaintances are, themselves, internet acquaintances of one another

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