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[leaning in very close to the microphone]

trans rights

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i am very easy to befriend and i encourage you to just reply to my toots for any reason

i will usually respond or failing that i will at least fave your toot if i'd just go "nice" or something

(be my friend)

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furries adjacent to me get a resource production bonus

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"solitaire," people keep asking me, "Are you a furry?"

the asnwer to this question is whatever you think is funniest at the time

i'm like the tower of babel if you search my toots enough eventually you'll find something that makes sense

maslow's hierarchy of needs but the bottom tier is just "slime"

zd's gonna have a field day when they find out that there's gonna be a matrix 4

man i'm bad at posting on this Social Media lately

fedichive, all known IPs 

scrapping funko pops for vinyl to make records for my post-collapse screechcore band

PSA Fedi Admins 


nightmares by definition, firearms, death 

seeing people in motion is always preferable to still images imo

how long can they keep me on hold

so far it's been ten minutes

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