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[leaning in very close to the microphone]

trans rights

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i am very easy to befriend and i encourage you to just reply to my toots for any reason

i will usually respond or failing that i will at least fave your toot if i'd just go "nice" or something

(be my friend)

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furries adjacent to me get a resource production bonus

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"solitaire," people keep asking me, "Are you a furry?"

the asnwer to this question is whatever you think is funniest at the time

USPol, bloomberg 

cannot sleep ever since i learned the first song on alt-j's This Is All Yours album is a wu-tang homage

googling how to be social without talking to anyone


hm, today i will put words on the fediverse even though i have as little to talk about as all those other days

(don't worry like most of my projects it lasted about a week)

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maybe it's just the one website i was using to give myself python "homework" but looking at the top answers mystified me as to why anyone would intentionally write a single line solution that's neither human readable nor easy to parse

self-disability musing 

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self-disability musing 

money heist has the worst english title for a premise that neat

not to imply that i enjoy the many multitudes of creatives who are hurt by its failure to be a consistent platform, tangibly, but

lol i'm glad furaffinity dead

one time i started to learn esperanto just so i could be a greenfor medium anti-tank infrantryman in arma who didn't speak a lick of english for a mission

i can still just about ask if you have any rockets

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