@Zero_Democracy i want you to know i had a visceral reaction to reading this post and i will be filing suit

i am not powerful enough to justify many of my mastodon mutuals


@Zero_Democracy what happened this time, my perverse curiousity begs me to ask

out here getting critically hit by tumblr posts

@adeptomega you are required by law to shower her with praise

@Zero_Democracy "you're joking but actually the US government did something similar and even more fucked up-"

i maintain that you only get into the visual arts for one of three reasons

pride, lust, or greed

so far i'm only pride

i have no skills
i have no drive
how am
i still alive

if you don't have any socialism at home, store-bought is fine

(i am sure kings also observed the irony when they were slain with pitchforks belonging to them)

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