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ok proper and shameless plugs because fuck it

hi im synthgal my pronouns are she/her I'm a small angry rat

i used to make music and maybe I should do it again

Also I'm a shameless communist. Don't fucking follow me if you have bad opinions. Thank you.

sometimes you just gotta rrrhhrhr grrrruh rrrrrrrrrr, y'know?

Don't ever let those close to you go off about authoritarian pro-police bullshit. "Crime is up!" Across the board it almost entirely isn't and no amount of police funding will reduce crime itself. "We all feel less safe!" Oh yeah? Why? Because the media wrote 300 articles about that one dude shoplifting in san francisco? Pro-carceral talking points are always such bullshit and easily disproven.

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Lol just seeing a post about an Arduino tutorial makes me want to cry at how fucking useless at learning I am now

Them: "There's no way we'll hack into the system, this guy a tech guru, I mea-"

Me: "Done"

Them: "???"

Me: "The password was the hex code of the main color of their fursona"

birdsite link, trans micro fiction

I'm feeling so incredibly called out. inventing multiverse communication or time travel just because it seems easier than coming out or talking about my feelings is 100% something I'd do

liberal anti-Blackness 

white liberals defiantly "reclaiming"* the word "woke" is another part of the process by which white culture digests and destroys AAVE word by word

*it's not theirs to reclaim

I live on an extremely flat prairie so whenever I see photos that include hills I'm like "oh yeah I've seen those once or twice"

Mh- ph- 

Exhaustion from exercise is mixing with my depression in a really awful way and I feel like complete trash

But exercise is supposed to be good for mental health, right??????

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