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ok proper and shameless plugs because fuck it

hi im synthgal my pronouns are she/her my identity outside of that is very very not defined, used to have a snow leopard sona yeeaaaars ago but shit's fuzzy now

i used to make music and maybe I should do it again


Top international dating apps for dating wide girls

website: attend our on demand webinar
me: that's just a video. you're offering to show me a video

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Post more things so I don't have to think during this night shift, thanks

What if

A deck of tarot cards but each card is actually a small booklet with some short potential interpretations of the card

tf kink, dysphoria 

Hey I wonder how much of my hatred of my body has been channeled into my kink of not being in it as my subconscious' way to spare me the worst of it

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kink, dysphoria 

Please make me feel better about this body that I do not want to be in by caring for it

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real little bit horny but also want to be taken care of by someone hours

sticker on my guitar that reads THIS MACHINE SPARKS JOY

She'd stayed late, and somehow gotten into an argument with the strangest specimen in their laboratory. It had started with a simple "Good news!" How could it have gone downhill so fast?

"Then you don't truly understand me at all. You see me as a human spirit trapped in a mechanical construct. A doll's body, imposing a doll's way of being on me. You think to enact a _rescue_."

"We'd thought about it, yes, at least around the intermagic disciplines table in the tavern at nights… but I'm so sorry, we still don't understand how your body works. It could be years or decades or even generations before—"

"Before you can _rescue_ me."

"Well, yes!"

"Did you ever stop to ask if I needed it?"

The researcher wagged a finger at the doll construct, opened her mouth to speak, and lost her train of thought under the unblinking inhuman stare of two orbs of polished obsidian.

"Let me ask _you_ something. Have you ever wondered what kind of spirit a doll would have, if it had one?"

"That doesn't make any sense. They don't."

"Imagine for me. You claim to be good at it, you academics."

"It… you… I don't know, dolls mostly just sit there. Even the articulated automata made for the children of nobles. They're decorative toys."

"So if it had one?"

"If you bound a spirit to it somehow, it'd probably go insane from boredom. Certainly nothing elemental, natural, or infernal would do."

"Imagine a class of spirit that did not."

"Then it would have to be very patient and almost desire-less, because it's just going to sit there."

"Not totally absent of desire. It might serve a mistress, mxstress, or master; in their absence, a mission. Its desires would be those of its mistress, those required to perform the mission. But so patient that patience itself is its organizing principle."

"Where would you find a spirit like that?"

"Perhaps a human's. One so dedicated to her mistress and mission that she would become a doll. One that sought to obtain the patience and calm of a doll through long enough in a doll's shape. After that, it would _be_ a doll's spirit, do you understand? The appearance of humanity would simply be a tool that it used when necessary, and gratefully set down afterward."

The doll stepped down from its tiptoe pose on the plinth in the corner of the dim lab.

"Thank you for repairing my mechanical components. I'd ask you not to tamper further, but you're not the only one who wants to, are you?"

There was a lot of research ahead of her team. The obsidian eyes scanned her. She shrugged. "No."

"Then this is goodbye."

A pale porcelain hand came up with surprising force.

When she woke up, her cloak was gone, and the specimen's University asset tag was stuck to her hair.


Time passed. Civilizations rose and fell. Greater powers waxed and waned.

In a nearly magic-dead age, in a museum that shone dimly with ancient magelights and sailed sedately between stars on spells no one knew any more, a janitor swept a corridor with a static-broom in the brief dark between day and day, humming a little song.

She winced at the sound of breaking glass. But it wasn't even glass, really. It shouldn't be able to break. Certainly not to an errant static-broom handle. Was she hearing things?

A figure leapt through the very real break in the pane. A doll? The unfathomably ancient doll on display that she'd passed so many times?

"Mistress," it said. "I've finally found you again. It took some time."

It was kneeling. A pose she… remembered. Along with other memories not formed in this body.

"You waited for me to reincarnate."

"Of course. As long as it took."

"How long?"

It gave her a fantastic number in a unit of time that, like her, was long dead.

"It turned out to be a little harder than I thought," she said, sheepish.

"I will always wait for you, Mistress."

She was suddenly blinking back tears of joy.

"Thank you." And then, "This age needs us more than I'd thought possible. Such a span… such dissipation…"

The doll wiped away her tears with its sleeve.

"Yes. I lived it, Mistress."

"Beautifully, as far as I can tell. To work, then." She took its hand.

"To work."

And they began the work again. □

Does anyone know what the legality of this kind of rear seat would be in their area? I don't see seat belts when it's in seat mode but assume I installed some or something

this is me pitching the character to you

please take this if it sounds good and tell me the result, i am dying to know where it goes

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almost certainly misinfo 

"arrow keys reach the cpu slightly faster than wasd"

I know basically nothing about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure but I still can't believe they named a game "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor" when the "Last Stand" pun was covering their entire field of view

So like, I'm designing weapons for a doom mod I'll probably never make. One of them is a shoulder mounted catapult driven explosive launcher thing

Think a fixed wing drone launcher but if it was made in 1890 and launched little explosive blimps

It's the last weapon I don't have a name for and I'm completely stumped anyone got an idea?

if this group actually has a workable fast attack against RSA, don't feel bad; it probably means we're just finally catching up to the NSA.

Kinda feel like blaming Javascript for the resource hoggin' nature of Electron apps is letting the programmers themselves off the hook

Like, yes, 50-100Mb of RAM for just the browser part is more than you'd need without

But Slack used to use a gig or so and now it doesn't, because they started prioritizing optimization

The actual issue is that when you rush your minimum viable product to market, you don't worry about optimization, nor indeed, technical debt in general

uspol, bullshit 

i gag a little every time i see the words "fascism" and "the left" in the same republican take

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