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ok proper and shameless plugs because fuck it

hi im synthgal my pronouns are she/her my identity outside of that is very very not defined, used to have a snow leopard sona yeeaaaars ago but shit's fuzzy now

i used to make music and maybe I should do it again

mh-, big regrets 

Oh also fuck Red River College for requiring I know how to hand draw in order to get into a digital media course

Every single education decision after that rejection has been settling and I will literally never forgive them

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mh-, big regrets 

What if my parents realized my inability to complete tasks (especially time sensitive/scheduled tasks) as a child wasn't just laziness and instead took me to a development specialist or something

Clearly I didn't fit in, I wasn't normal, the only reason my marks were good was out of fear of disappointing them and that ran out around grade 8

Why didn't they do anything god fucking dammit I could've had proper coping strategies in place before I even tried university

Ah, today is a "clog up local with several angry toots that could've been just one if I only had the foresight to think them up all at once" kinda day

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Doing some low level programming. What I mean is that the level of my code is low.


I am a being of pure despair and rage and I want the people responsible to fucking burn.

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I'm not interested in forgiveness and building towards the future anymore. There is no future, I just want revenge at this point.

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I don't want them to grow as people, I don't want them to learn, they've proven they don't respect the humanity and autonomy of others so I refused to acknowledge theirs.

Make them afraid.

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Transphobes need to start feeling the fear they instill in us, tenfold.

Duties shouldn't be charged on products unavailable in the receivers country tbh

Fuck paying 40 bucks on a phone

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Note to self: always be sure duties are included before ordering a new phone online

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I just want to destroy fascists, not play performative civility with those who actively enable fascists and all manner of abuse so they can continue to feel superior.

Get fucked into the sun, you rank, insipid, pillocks who think you know better than the victims of abuse how to deal with abusers.

Pay us to do the work you are failing at and spend your free time cleaning out your stinky buttcracks.

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I am so sick of FOSS but we can never escape having to talk about it every 10 seconds because fedi is locked into a feedback loop of privileged computer fucks creating things for themselves so they can talk to themselves, fund themselves, and think they're the pinnacle of enlightened for doing so.

While the rest of us are begging for grocery money and hoping no one tries to dox us this week for saying any of this.

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If you need a computer science degree or an equal amount of time spent in computer work/learning to operate your own server/instance/whatever software, it is not accessible to most people.

If you need a bunch of money to operate your own server/instance/whatever software, it is not accessible to most people.

Now think about who has the most time and money. Are those people going to create software that is safe for everyone to use? Of course not.

It's privilege all the way down.

If the Vatican is so good why isn't there a Vatican II


Not sure how to do trading effectively (am I supposed to write down what everyone wants to buy and then happen across places that sell???) But I'll figure it out

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I just want to go home and play avorion

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hrt/surgery heckpost 

my orchi let me stop spiro, so I don't have salt cravings anymore. guess you could say I'm non-brineary

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Did you know there is a place to find old piano rolls converted directly to MIDI?

"The transfer into MIDI support has been made possible thanks to the similarity of both supports, piano rolls and MIDI protocol, and made with the help of scannings, using handcrafted and original equipment thanks to a few passionate engineers in various parts of the world (our reference: Terry Smith, Canada)."

Not an MP3. Not the sheet music. Not just the song but the actual rendition.

And if it can why is it tucked away where I can't find it

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