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ok proper and shameless plugs because fuck it

hi im synthgal my pronouns are she/her I'm a small angry rat

i used to make music and maybe I should do it again

Also I'm a shameless communist. Don't fucking follow me if you have bad opinions. Thank you.

mh-, work 

Anybody know of any mainframe ops jobs that can be done remotely lol

Absolutely no subcontractor bullshit

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mh-, work 

I can't go into details but just


What if we started making scroll bars that were like easily visible again

This is the ideal scroll bars. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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why'd they call it programmer socks when they coulda called it softwear

types of computers startups 

- "our primary product is a website"

- "our primary product is a website (electron)"

- "i read your front page and i still have no idea what you actually do"

- "i talked to one of your marketers for 20 minutes and i still have no idea what you actually do"

- business model: existing popular startup's business model but focused on an area where it doesn't make sense

- business model: enter a space that regulation hasn't caught up to yet (most of the ones involving computers) and then just do blatantly evil shit that is not yet illegal

- commercialization of a concept developed in the 60s

- commercialization of a 20 year old open source project

How do search on digikey for header pin diameter this website is awful

mh, meds question 

have any of you been on mirtazapine? if so were you really fucking out of it the first few days because I am uncharacteristically unfocused in both body and mind

Mh-, Facebook, ableism 

It's always people who have "professionally had the money to buy an expensive camera and are now paid to take photos of white peoples' newborns" that have the worst opinions on mental illness on Facebook

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Mh-, Facebook, ableism 

If you disagree with these toots please provide practical 100% guaranteed steps to solve these issues otherwise you are exactly like the motherfuckers I'm complaining about

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Mh-, Facebook, ableism 

me: "this also includes things I'm passionate about but can't do because I can't put the effort in, turning the things I love into a spiral of shame"

people: "you just gotta find the thing you like to do! Also, get better friends because this negative thinking is your own fault and also the fault of your loved ones"

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Mh-, Facebook, ableism 

people on Facebook: "it's ok if ur mentally ill, ur experience is valid uwu I'm here for you"

me: "my mental illness prevents me from putting in the effort to gain new skills, which includes skills that would help me treat my mental illness in healthy ways and I do not see a way out of this feedback loop"



My choices are:

1. Attempt projects and fail, hurting myself unnecessarily

2. Endlessly distract myself until I die

Sorry but I'm picking the latter thanks

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"just do that thing! it's okay if you fail!"

Ok but failure = immense pain and massive waste of emotional effort, why would I invest hope that can and will be ripped from me

I hate pop psych pages so fucking much

e-boy selfies, ec, I'm a robot pt 2 

"oh so you’re just going to wear a sleeveless turtleneck?? like some kind of slut????"

Also shout out to Kaneko lip, my homage to early Persona games.

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*Googles "home theater PC*

Did you mean: "PC that you have to get up from your very comfortable couch multiple times whenever something inevitably stops fucking working for no fucking reason?"

How do you name a cat D'Artagnan and not D'Artagnyan?

🚨 cool shit alert 🚨

earworm: search for royalty-free music by sonic similarity

Looking for that perfect song to use in your next video or game?

Find something similar to what you already love, where your search term is the audio itself.

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