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More stuff:

if you want to follow me i need to be able to follow back. sorry, the idea of silent lurker followers makes me extremely uncomfortable.

i like long running japanese video game franchises about war, superweapons and the cultural effects they have. so basically talk to me about Metal Gear Solid or Ace Combat and you're probably guaranteed an infodump lol.

Show me your music! I want to hear it!

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and shameless plugs, updated!

hi im synthgal my pronouns are she/her im a smal angry rat and literally a cyborg.

i used to make music and I'm trying to do it again, go ahead and listen if you want.

you might see some kink posts as I Figure Things Out About Myself and mh- posts from quiet shifts where im alone with my thoughts, i do tag these as detailed as i can

also I'm a shameless commie capitalists and apologists fuck offff

"Blarg I am dead" from 8 bit theater has been living rent free in my head for over a decade and I don't know how to deal

Yeah, my generation is entitled. Entitled to the products of our labor babeyy

you fucking think you know what love is?? well have you ever tried sitting on a couch while watching a movie and then your friend passes you some tiny piece of garbage and goes "here this is yours now "

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while engaging in passive activities such as films or lesson, please do not forget to provide enrichment for your adhd friends by passing them entertaining objects such as ;
-pens (clickable)
-very small pieces of paper
-difficult to eat snacks

thank u

tech kink ish 

Passive cooling robofriend who is totally, sometimes unnervingly, silent


What if everything wasn't designed to get on my nerves and my nerves specifically today

why do open source apps have help menus
that only show license info

this is not helpful

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Anyone has any tips on how to make a cat stop attacking a mirror? :ablobcathappypaws: 

My lovely kitty is gonna be 6 months in Oct, 30 and he only saw a mirror for the 1st time when he got to my house a month ago. He keeps attacking it since then. :blobcatfearful:

I tried telling him that it's him on the other side, showing him in my lap getting pets and such, but he doesn't listen to me! :blobcatdeficit:

What do? Help, plz!

Boosts welcome, just in case there's a vet or on fedi :blobcatthx:

also, woman does not mean adult human female; it comes from old english wīfmann, ie "wife man" - that is to say, only femboys can be women

animal injury but positive in the end, caps 

When dogs without tails still wanna wag because they're happy so they just shake their whole ass because they GOTTA WAG and they're DOING THEIR BEST

one day I'll have to make sudoku coin, the cryptocurrency mined by solving sudoku, because it refuses to leave my head

Drugs, sarcastic 

error correction chemicals

lewd whining 

Oh no am I a whiny sub I don't know how to deal with this discovery

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