Question from somebody on discord who doesn't have mastodon since y'all know hosting stuff

"Idk if this is the right channel for it, but do yous happen to know any good website hosting services for sites containing pornographic art and weird leftist zines? Ive been wantin to put my stuff on its own site but its hard to find places that are willing to host that. Im esp interested in co-op/nonheirarchical ones."

@synthgal it's a vm setup and not a dedicated web host, but if they have a friendly sysadmin, is leftist and sw-friendly.

It might be a bit more work than what OP was looking for, though.

@synthgal I know will host basically anything legal and it's cheap

@synthgal I'm not entirely sure, but neocities might work, you probably want to read through the terms and conditions though

@synthgal hey! i run this place ( and i'm willing to host content like that. right now it's a bit janky, since i haven't worked on making it user friendly. but i'll help out your friend if they're interested

@ogrumm should be clear they're not a friend just someone in a server, but I will let them know! I appreciate the offer

@ogrumm is there anywhere not mastodon that you can be contacted?

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