it's still kinda hard to put a finger on what I mean but
I wanna do activities together with people, with a small enough amount of people that I get attention on what I do even though I'm boring
idk, I want friends that are as needy as me sometimes
I guess I do have one but she is also the person that ignores me the most so :x

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been feeling for a while now that I really want friend(s) to do like, self-centered, in our own world, cute stuff together with, but only just really nailed down what that feeling was

wamt constant praise for even the smallest of acievments chodai kudasai


It kinda irks me when people talk about the general public as if it is impossible for them to ever actually come over to a leftist viewpoint, or as if the only way they can come over to that viewpoint is via suffering, being deprived, etc. Or even as if those things will naturally give someone a leftist viewpoint. I guess I am basically just railing against accelerationists which is kinda pointless considering everyone dislikes accelerationist talk anyways. Send tot regardless I guess.

What is it about typing into a word processor document with proper paragraph formatting and everything that makes me immediately make shit tons of typos

are you a wario type non-binary or a waluigi type non-binary

I often will idly think to myself a phrase like, "I'm going to become x" where x is some thing or state. And I just thought "I'm going to become a tourist destination" and I don't think I've had a more aspirational thought of that kind than that one

I've been thinking about it
and I am pretty sure the thing that radicalized me was Asimov of all things

absolute nonsense 

"If you don't know yet, you'll know soon who the perpetrator is. It's your birthright." he told me. Suddenly a name I had never heard before came unbidden to my lips. "Piss Caesar." I said.

Writing an alternate history where the opposition to gay marriage was largely the result of the efforts of one mysterious individual known as "Cotton Eye Joe"

if you wanna alienate me, the quickest route is to act like you know something

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Gonna pretend my resistance to tucking is brave and genderfucky
instead of just
me being a lazy baby

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joke, long text 

I will not tuck them with a mouse.
I will not tuck them in a house.
I will not tuck them here or there.
I will not tuck them anywhere.
I will not tuck my green eggs and ham.
I will not tuck them, Sam-I-am.

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