Printer: I'm out of paper, aaaaa

Me: aaaaAAA

Selfie, eye contact 

No makeup. Felt cute.

I have access to an A0 color printer now. It has a continuous feeding roll on a spool.

No I will not print a long Nyan Cat.

Selfie, eye contact 

I had quite the adventure today! Walked around Manchester's shops, met up with a friend; and drew some dragons on my iPad ^.^

Bed is good. My legs are jelly and I'm not getting up XD

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Woo, through security at the airport. Waiting for my flight soon :3

Flying checklist:

- Passport
- EU Digital COVID Certificate
- UK Passenger Locator Document
- Day 2 Peak Flow Test booking reference
- Self
- Luggage
- Plushie dragon
- Kitchen Sink

4 hours until the flight. Gosh I have a lot of time to kill

It doesn't even make good orange juice. It tastes like concentrate that hasn't been watered down

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This machine is the literal definition of over engineering

It's an iPad connected drinks dispenser


7/11 salad:
It was extremely disappointing

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does anyone have that resource of therapists that give letters of support for trans surgery after one visit?

i had it but lost it.

:boost_ok: Boosts appreciated

I've had a song from my childhood stuck in my head all night, and now this morning too. I hope it goes away, but also...
I'll end up singing it in the shower, I bet.

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