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Hello! Realise I never made a proper introduction here

I'm a 27yro software dev who's escaped from TERF island. Now living in Sweden c:

I used to play games but now I make fursuits as my main hobby ^.^

I sometimes contribute upstream to the Go compiler and debugger. I've also wrote a bunch of utilties over my time and most of my code is abandoned but meaningful ;w;

My pronouns are she/her!

My second character is the dragon called Pico. They go by they/them!

I always say I "poked" someone when I mean to buzz them on modern messaging platforms. Because yes, I treat them like AIM and MSN Messenger

Song description + 

Porter Robinson:

"'Look At The Sky' is fundamentally a song about hope. There's no shortage of fuel for despair, but you can't take meaningful action to improve things if you don't have some belief that things might get better. That's what hope is, and I think it's an emotion worth nourishing. I wrote this song at my lowest point emotionally, when I thought I couldn't make music anymore, and I wasn't sure if my existence would have any meaning if I couldn't make music."

Might be getting a Valve Index sooner than expected. We'll see :3
It'd be lovely to hang out with friends in VRChat again

Selfie ec 

Same shirt as my fennec fox today. Although I'm wearing trousers; she isn't. What a weirdo.

Had a weird daydream involving a beaver with a knife
I'm not sure what to make of that

Somebody has their cat on board this bus, probably destined for the vets, and they're the most gorgeous critter I've seen all week. I know, it's only Monday, but still :D!

Little does it know, but my 3D printer is currently printing its replacement

Can't wait to sit on my balcony on an evening, kicking back in a chair, drinking tea and watching the sunset

I need a kettle

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I bought the wrong screws to hang up my curtains, so I used duct tape for now

It feels like such a crime

Warning to straight cis dudes as a professional trans queer woman and software developer: as a result of current demographics, writing software WILL make you gay. i'm warning you

Was supposed to be joining some folks on VRChat tonight, but nobody seems to be around :/

Don't mind me, laying on my mattress that is on the floor, looking at the rain outside which I just got soaked in

Monkeypox Sweden, information 

The vaccine is currently being administered to people who have already been exposed to the disease. Cases should be reported to the medical officer of your local county.

I'm waiting for a reply to get those contact details.

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Monkeypox Sweden, information 

I wrote to Folkhälsomyndigheten last week requesting more information on the monkeypox situation in Sweden.

They have a page you can find here:

In addition, I requested further info about the availability of the MVA vaccine. Sweden's supply is very limited right now, and the manufacturing is taking a long time to ramp up production. [1/?]

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