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first you make a circle
then you dot the eyes
add a great big smile
presto! it's your fursona

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it's almost the year of the ox

i feel as if i should probably acknowledge this as a year-long theme. i do in fact have a bovine character

(pointing at a screenful of charts and graphs) This indicates that Wooloo is good

Hey guys! For those who do commissions, how do you send your art to people? Also, what's the best site to do money through? I've heard some are worse then others. Thanks guys! Boosts help!

i haven't commissioned anyone for years. i hope i can find myself in that position soon

might play elite with my speakers more often. the budgies seem to like it

Here is a baby rock hyrax named either Spud, Gnocchi, or Pierogi thinking about eating a rose

food (chocolate) 

my husband has been buying these nordic chocolates with weird flavors like blueberry cardamom and raspberry licorice. it's a pretty welcome change actually. i'm excited to try "hazelnut and campsite coffee"

sona art, SFW 

New art just dropped uwu
I really really like this one, it's just super nice. πŸ’™
by: @ribbonfemale

I started thinking about hyraxes again and now I can't stop, their gestation period is eight months even though they're the size of housecats, and they can eat solid food on their third day of life, and they have little tiny tusks because they're almost elephants

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the birds are definitely having a good day today

curley doing a big sing so loud

J'ai longtemps rΓͺvΓ© d'Γͺtre mangaka... J'en rΓͺve toujours :)
Voici mon premier essai avec des trames de Clip Studio Paint !

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