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by the way, i buy plush animals at thrift on the weekends. if you all want one i show off, hmu - i get them cheap

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I think one of the biggest misconceptions in how microblogging is used, especially for people that are new to it, is that it isn't a public discussion forum so much as a coffee shop where a bunch of people are talking to their implicit audiences.

As a result, it's not constructive to cut into someone else's conversation or train of thought. Instead, it's rude

koboldposting, 420 adjacent 

kobold steals a dragon bong from a smoke shop

she blows into it, assuming it's some kind of summoning horn. eventually she gives up and wanders around, asking strangers how to use one

like how am i supposed to hate this. i can't hate this! it's ridiculous and it hurts my eyes in the best possible way! it's fantastic!!

anyway new meme draw your character in this

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one of my favorite things about pokΓ©mon lore is that nobody making new official content *ever* looks at the existing canon

so every new spinoff introduces some wild shit without having to care about its implications

and that means there is *so* much wild and wonderful stuff hidden in the deep corners of bulbapedia

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consider: a particularly industrious kobold kitting out a ruined lair as a room escape

If you're puppy and you know it clap your hands 🎢

*looks down at paws*


progressed on a sketch, about to work on something else and maybe do another doodle if i have extra time

currently cataloguing some of my downloaded reference photos, managed to find a perfect shot for something i had in mind

good job past me

Tom Lehrer has released his songs and lyrics into the public domain.

What a nice thing to do.

sometimes i think about the guy that got arrested for smuggling at least 16 drugged hummingbirds through an airport by sewing pockets into his underwear

"it's a secret to everybody", i say aloud to my new NSFW sketch journal, knowing full well that i will not be able to resist posting a single thing

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