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kaye dives deep into the philosophy of bugsnax.

i give you a bunger. your arms become curly fries.

(december 2020)

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February Commissions are open! 

let me draw ur fursona!

- Gender-inclusive
- Comfortable with NSFW/kink
- Focus on scenes and body language
- Soft curves and bold colors! wow

- Icon/Portraits ($20+)
- Fursona Design (ask me; full-body drawing)

FULL BODY (single character)
- Digital Rough Sketch $20+
- B/W Vector $40+
- Color Vector $80+

Contact me: Mastodon DM or email (budgiebin at gmail dot com)

Please have a character reference ready, if possible!

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first you make a circle
then you dot the eyes
add a great big smile
presto! it's your fursona

the cage has been assembled for a few hours and my birds are refusing to enter. this is usual for birds, and it might take a few days for the flock to decide to change homes

it's time to install the new bird cage! it's smaller, but a massive upgrade to the one i've been using for about 8 years

playing around with backgrounds and stuff again

sleepy fox...

AMAZING. the pink watercolor paint i bought today is not delicate enough, so i ended up buying the color i wanted anyway, online. i've been waiting months for it to restock and it's finally here, and now i have way more pink and rose shades than i need πŸ€”

i just *need* that soft pawpad pink

hmm, been 2 weeks and the order for my bird carrier is still "awaiting fulfillment". they must have gotten a lot of business when everything went on sale

good news is when it DOES get here the weather will be perfect for walking with the birds

we planted the garden today. it's mostly just lettice and various forms of onions, but i've started seedlings indoors, for when some of the early crops are ready

finally have some time to sit down and draw again! working on a set of icons at the moment

today i did a lot of cleaning around the house. i also changed the bird toys and it looks like my birds are a lot happier with the arrangement despite forgetting that i, human, can move the immovable objects, every single time i do this

What's up y'all, Asexual people are incredibly valid. Please leave if you disagree. :acefox:​:potion_asexual:​ :blobfoxhappy:​
(I'm gonna need to get more heart emoji tbh)

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