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by the way, i buy plush animals at thrift on the weekends. if you all want one i show off, hmu - i get them cheap

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it was cold today, and we said goodbye to our guest this morning, so i had a very nice self care day

fried chicken IMMINENT

art, boosts appreciated 

Art #40

I sell these as "Pay what you want / can". I need my costs for materials and shipping covered, anything more will be awesome and appreciated!

Check my gallery for more:

I memorized all the capitals in the world

The capital of Canada is C, the capital of Japan is J, the capital of Spain is S,,,

I don't know about any of you, but I'd be pissed if my name was used to describe a rude customer. I propose we henceforth refer to "Karens" as "Letmes" instead.

As in "Let me see your manager."

any of my boston local mutuals need to stock up on food/supplies for the winter wave? I can do another co-op stock up for folks.

But what if they DO get the untitled goose for Smash Brothers

I also think, at in my case, game development should be a hobby, much like sewing is, because I think I'll be less likely to start to resent and hate it, and because what I create will be my own. Maybe I'll end up eventually creating something people want to play, and then maybe make it available as FOSS and encourage others to play both the game and with the code, and get some crowdfunding going.

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this week, I started a character deisgn based on dragonfruit. first draft has been going well!

i haven't decided which one to use! i'm a little partial to yellow and deep red myself πŸ‰

new livery I'm making for the new season of r/FM4 spec racing coming soon. It's 90% done? The build isn't released yet so I'll make some changes once the build goes live.

i think i might like the yellow one as-is, but might make variants for the others...

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