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If someone in your community is being intolerant, remember the paradox of tolerance. It states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant - thus, in order for a tolerant society to remain tolerant, it must be intolerant of intolerance.


because I'm feeling pretty bad, don't have any new drawings to share, and the "Badgers" song is now 18, here's possibly the best furry art I've ever drawn, from 2011.

my husband bought me a blue oyster mushroom kit, which grows them in a box

these things look goth af

never mind, pokemon unite isn't the kind of game i was looking for

i don't like tencent either

downloaded pokemon unite! model customization options are very limited at start, but it feels good to finally have an older character model to represent me, a non-child

Who would be interested in a $20 sketch page? I need a few bucks, sketchpage includes at least two full body’s!

Payment info below if you’re interested or have a dollar to spare<3

Cashapp; $chestnutcham

i'm done with the hard part of the other website i'm working on. now the rest is easy times with CSS

sometimes the solution that works is the hackiest, most rudimentary version and sometimes you just gotta accept the brute force over elegance

p.s. the US has added an X gender marker. personally it strikes me as kind of sketchy in that it will be recorded permanently by the government and a future gov't (or anywhere you travel) will know you're queer and could target you at any point in the future

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LB (and here) trans USian folks go get your passports updated, you no longer need a doctor's note or court order to change your gender marker

There's only one mining rig I need and that's an Amiga with a Lemmings floppy disk :lemming_dig:

amalthea has been begging for scrambled egg at every meal. she's gonna be so swole

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