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@natsumisummer Heylo there Natsumi, it's Violetta the Ocelot, can I cuddle with you, please? I'm feeling scared....

just come over here and turn me on. (Not talking to Niki mousey)

Queer update: I'm expressively and abundantly queer.

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I'm feeling so frisky! Anyone feel like a nice snuggle? Show more

Violetta the Cuddly Ocelot sends greetings and salutations, and cuddles to all who would like a feline friend to keep them company!

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@dirt because "be gay do crimes" is just the short version of "because the government doesn't recognize you, which means their laws don't apply, so you can do all the crimes you want"

Violetta adores and is rubbing up against Anna's new friends, and the old ones too, purring loudly with affection!

Violetta is a lonely and very traumatized kitty today. Can someone pet me a bit? I need some feeling of safety.

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