Downright lewd offer/request, OOC 

Aw hell, please pardon me for breaking character here (or not, if you prefer), but does anyone want to do some sexting or making out via Discord or here? That's what this account is for, basically, anyway, along with RP and just being loving and kind to friends.
It's my birthday and I'm all randy.
I'm pansexual online and I can be Violetta or whoever or whatever you prefer.

very lewd text game 

@violettathecuddler I'm too rusty to be up for it myself right now, but I've been enjoying this online text-based multiplayer game that is furry and lewd-
CW: failing NPC combat gets you sexed by the NPC, use of slur terms like herm/c-boy/d-girl as character descriptors, probably other stuff.
On second thought, maybe I shouldn't be suggesting this to you. But uh, I hope somebody takes you up on your offer! Sorry if my suggestion causes you any upset ^^;

very lewd text game 


Thank you very much! I should try that out! You have not given me any feeling of dismay at all.
I don't know if the slurs might make me uneasy or not, but I can try it out! Thank you! May I offer a hug as thanks?

re: Downright lewd offer/request, OOC 

@violettathecuddler Happy birthday! I'm seriously stressed out for whatever reason - too much so to feel playful - and am about to try sleeping again, but *hugs* anyway.

re: Downright lewd offer/request, OOC 

@Leucrotta Hugs!! I'm so sorry you're stressed out. I am usually that way myself. And anyway, I'd love to be your friend and help you if I may. <3

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