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Hi! I'm Sami, though calling me Yucky is fine, too! I'm an autistic, aspiring cartoonist, though I'm currently dealing with (and treating) depression, so art is scarce at the moment.

You can find more about me (and my interests) below!

When I was little I thought Dopey from Snow White was a girl and I have absolutely no idea why

I still hate the symbol that the internet made Mac Tonight into. Mac is a cool, chill dude. He wouldn't tolerate hate or any of that sort of language. He just wants to mellow out, not hurt others.

Why are so many Pleroma instances run by gross people... It has such a nice layout and I know it's more lightweight than Masto but so many instances are unsavory or run by secretly unsavory people... Same with Misskey. :(

Anybody have/know an instance that would be cool with crossposted content from here? I know there's a few retro electronics instances, but I'm unsure if it fits.

I like Openboard but as soon as Florisboard gets spellcheck and stuff I wanna try it out

How the heck do people just make personal Mastodon instances for just themselves??? How do they afford it and stuff???

Gotta find masto instances suitable for gushing about fictional and object crushes AND instances suitable for gushing about animatronics and theme parks and whatnot

I deleted my selfship account because it wasn't communicating with this instance for some reason (despite neither instances being listed as limited or blocked by each other) and generally just feeling isolated because of it.

I've noticed a lot of people using rentry for their about pages; did something happen with carrd that made people stop using it? :0

me blocking people for incredibly petty reasons to feel better about myself and curate my social media experience

ok why is everyone rejoining tumblr I'm so confused

did something happen??? is it not horrible anymore??? because I can't imagine anyone wanting to go back to the tumblr I grew up on + left.

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