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Hi! I'm Sami, though calling me Yucky is fine, too! I'm an autistic, aspiring cartoonist, though I'm currently dealing with (and treating) depression, so art is scarce at the moment.

You can find more about me (and my interests) below!

I apologize for how nonsensical my Moderneopets posting must look

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Inexplicably, the Flight Rising high-low game isn't this bad at all. That one feels completely fair. I've never been frustrated by that one.

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I hate Tyranu Evavu so much you have no idea

It's equivalent to the Goatlings high-low game

They're both rigged against me even if the odds are in my favor

the fact that my webcam is USB and I never have it plugged in

the fact that I honest to god don't visit those types of websites

the fact that they threaten to send this alleged footage to co-workers despite me being unemployed and never being employed in the past

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mildly nsfw text 

losing it over this spam email I got

I don't even know where to begin with how funny this is

it's *such* a grind to level them up so they'll all be close to my starter's level and I'll have a team I can actually use but evidently I'm just going to use my starter and nobody else bc that's the only one who won't faint in one hit and/or has decent attacks

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this fully explains why I am not having fun playing

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my pkmn pearl team is:

- lvl 18 prinplup who has an attack that's useless except on fire types

- lvl 16 staravia

- lvl 14 kricketune who has good attacks but always faints in a few hits

- lvl 9 pachirisu who doesn't know any electric attacks

me trying to deduce whether or not something is a joke/sarcasm

Not gonna tweet this in text form bc I don't want it coming up in keyword searches and stuff but

I really wish people would stop acting like he's some terrifying anomaly

can youtube stop telling me that unavailable videos are hidden

I *KNOW* they are!!! you've told me 8 billion times!!!

I'm going to hear "Uhhg Uuuuuuhhhhgggg!" in my nightmares, taunting me

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The lesser-known 10th circle of Hell is reserved for people who put fake "X" buttons on ads

man I've been restocking all night and all morning for a Hissi morphing potion leave me alone

I gotta say I am *not* having fun playing pkmn pearl in that I'm grinding to individually level up each of my pokemon until they're all equal bc I don't have exp share (yet) and I swear they all have barely any attacks besides my starter and they barely gain any exp

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