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Hi! I'm Sami, though calling me Yucky is fine, too! I'm an autistic, aspiring cartoonist, though I'm currently dealing with (and treating) depression, so art is scarce at the moment.

You can find more about me (and my interests) below!

I'm doing something I've never done before in this Pearl playthrough:

I'm trying to actually complete/contribute to the pokedex and catch stuff outside of just what I want

there needs to be a tool that lets you check how many blocked users somebody follows bc I really hate having to scroll through hundreds (or thousands) of someone's followed accounts to make sure I'm safe

Gotta play it on the childhood DS for the full experience

Also if anybody is curious, this was the toy they had.

I used to steal him to be a boyfriend for my dolls.

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Additionally they had informed me he was "actually a good guy" in the movie so I did *not* understand why they were fighting him/me lmao

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So I would pretty much just pretend to be an octopus.

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When I was very little my cousin used to LARP as their favorite superheroes and I always had to play the villain and they had me be Doctor Octopus a few times but all I knew about him was an action figure we had so I just. Assumed he behaved like an octopus

Ugghh I had an awful night's sleep last night and I have a dentist appointment in an hour 💀

I forgot to post about it: last night I dreamt I tweeted "all I wanna do is *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* and *kiss noise* and give you money" and I woke up feeling haunted

do they sell pink ds lite styluses anymore

a friend chewed mine up during a slumber party and I've had to use a really jarring dark blue one for the longest time

I went right back to playing it btw lmao

as soon as I'd been comforted (which I'm told took a *long* time) I just got right back on and learned to just avoid her and only do the necessary care options while she was in a mood

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My poor mother had to deal with a blubbering, wailing mess of a child heartbroken over a digital hamster that was temporarily moody

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this was my first DS game and I had a hamster named Sweetpea and she was the dearest thing on the face of the earth to me and one day she was angry and said stuff like "Why, you...! 😡" and "I wanna be alone!" and I broke down sobbing inconsolably

I still have my Pokemon Pearl from childhood (it was my first main Pokemon game)

should I replay it bc everyone is rn

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