Anybody else on the relay getting slammed with sidekiq errors?


@izaliamae Absolutely- ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Visibility is reserved


I'm going to try removing and re-adding the relay to see if that helps any. :3

@mawr @izaliamae Ya hit the wrong handle :p

Is kinda fucky rn trying to see if I can unbork it

@Sir_Boops @izaliamae
Got damnit, is really annoying.

Thanks Boops ♥️ The remove/re-add didn't change anything on my end, just for the record.

@mawr @Sir_Boops I suggest just disabling it for now. If nothing major changes, you'll probably just have to re-enable it when everything's sorted

@mawr @Sir_Boops It seems to be all good now. You'll probably have to re-add it though


Aw heck, I thought we were all good but I'm seeing this pop up in Sidekiq now:

"ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Uri has already been taken"

If I'm reading that error message right, that means something to the effect of an old session is still active and I can't get back in D:

@mawr Are those new errors or old ones

That's what error it was throwing but shouldn't be anymore

@Sir_Boops It's all good now though :3 (sorry for the delay, had to get to a compu-taur)

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