Before you've turned and taken a step you're thrown back to the floor. Her soft fingers trace your aches. They burn but her touch is so soft and calming that you lay still for a moment longer.
"Are you going to try again?" she coos. You know how this ends either way but you should try once more. Gasping, you crawl to your knees all the while her fingers are on your back. Its agonising to think that once you're out of her arms reach you won't be getting stroked anymore.

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Without the armour it's clear why she's stronger than you, and far less bruised. Of course she's beautiful too.
"So can i pay my own ransom? You aren't getting anything out of anyone for me" you smirk.
"not even your lord?"
"oh we don't even speak the same language"
She laughs, like you were joking. Hours ago she viscously fought you and now she's sat elegantly.
You compose yourself. You are her prisoner, but you're alone, it's an invitation to walk right out.
You stand up on aching legs.


Finding a satisfactory words website is way too much effort I'm going to write self indulgent threads right here

I'm so used to absorbing content that my brains out port has atrophied and the cable doesn't fit

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