Big, buxom froggo lad, ninja wannabe, living cauldron 

Pooftoys, Buxom Lucario & Renamon, lewd 

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Bless the infinite patience of every artist I've worked with for their willingness to accept a Dropbox folder with some other people's drawings of my OC as reference art, in lieu of an actual refsheet with consistent details outlined across multiple poses and angles.

OC: Madrin Chalessi 

CW: Implied vore 

Puffbuff pengu birb! 

Brief injury scare 

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Cool orca lady doing some repairs on her rad robot leg 

OC: Butomu no Tate 

OC: Butomu no Tate 

Food bliss 

Oh -god-, the bliss of wearing sweatpants that're fresh from the -toasty warm-~

OC: Anna Torenz (Hyper/belly) 

Intro post Addendum 

OC: Trennas, Chozo. 

...Do sorta wish I could collapse the sidebar on the advanced web interface, but ah well.

Intro post 

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