omg this seems fun I'm gonna do it for my characters


I made a character sheet template using elements from D&D sheets, OC cards, and ship memes! This kind of thing really helps me figure out my characters. Feel free to use this and post it anywhere you like ✨


Korps Content! 

For @Sanagi
The Annadottirs, Cilla & Marise, doing some work at Empire Enhancements.

Korps, suggestive 

An avali Korps operative looking rather confident in his outfit

For a Twitter commissioner

LANCER Spriting 

Okay, basically taking every leaf I could from @Draekos 's book, and also the dumb luck of having templates on hand from Lancer's itchio page, we've figured out how to make bases for the mechs! YESSSsssss

(ph-) Dental 

Hoofah...god, I'm not looking forward to today. First dental appointment in probably a -year-, and these always make me obscenely nervous. Usually because they ALWAYS end up leading into more appointments. Even if this one's just a basic cleaning, it just gets me wound up because of that...

Furry fashion! @Sanagi 's Anna, pre-aug, showing off some cultural garb from her home planet :D

Fun to work with honestly, was really interesting to do some loosely Polynesian inspired stuff! We went through a few ideas but settled here.

If curious, yes, the bark-shaving shawl does have some patina in it! The local trees contain trace metals

It's Korps, it's eggs, it's only kinda lewd! 

for @Sanagi of their darling Anna and two Annadottirs!

SFW: Caphs and details! 

A wonderful piece by Jay, who helped us polish up a neat look at the Caphrinica! Trying to capture the basics of Caph as critters and their 'essence' as individuals; I think it came out lovely! (🎨 )

Anna outfit, NSFW-ish! 

New outfit for Anna, heavily inspired by a Korps pic! Anna tends more towards a "look, don't touch" vibe unless she's particularly familiar with someone; still, doesn't mean she can't enjoy being a lil' showy in wild ways, every once in a while! (🎨 !)

Introduced Lancer to my usual tabletop group, and unwittingly got walked into acting as GM. So now I'm having to learn a lot about that, and in the meantime, also working out how to make maps since Lancer requires that a lot more than our usual 3.5 DND antics. Turns out, having better tools can do a LOT for one's efforts. Jumping from Grid Cartographer up to Dungeondraft, and...*whoof*


To go with the new Madrin, she gets a new Mech! The "Harat-Gul", the "Implacable Haste of the Sentinel," modeled after a Kedahran god. A CASEVAC mech, it's nonetheless equipped to brutally cut its way through foe and terrain alike, and secure itself wherever it needs in order to secure and rescue those in need of its rescue. (🎨, Kedahra © Daikanu & Bea)

Remade OC, eyecontact?, old meme, need for tenderness 

Been rethinking Madrin, and couldn't resist making a take of this ancient meme; it seemed...applicable, given what we've been discovering about ourselves through her, and hence also her. (🎨, Kedahra © Daikanu & Bea)

Lancer RPG, art stuff, mechs! 

Hey I made a twitter thread about token chopshopping for LancerRPG (using Retrograde Minis' content)

If this interests you, here! It took me a lot of spoons (and time) to make

Caph/Chimaquas, round, baps and buns 

AAAAAA behold, the final, finished version, our ref sheet for our new self/sona/???, Anna! The Caphrinica Chimaquas, now fully, finally rendered with a proper ref! (🎨, our greatest thanks for this!)

odd fwoomp 

Our odd karmically-cursed goofball of a froggo, Otama, having a Bain de Marie-style soak while he brews up potions in his own massive tum; when you're cursed to be as a cauldron, vaguely, turns out the experience is more just rather cozy. Combine that with being a poison frog already, and it really opens up some options for making your own, 'fun' concoctions. (🎨


Based on an old, OLD RP, the Baroness Isadora visiting her cellars, inspecting her latest brew of wine for fermentation; it seems her latest brewtank, dear sheepy Dai, is a little...overwhelmed by the job, in the best way possible~ (🎨, Dai is @Daikanu)

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