Seattle Area: Do you need a very cheap (manual transmission) car in good condition? :boost_ok: 

It's a 1995 Honda Accord DX, 5 speed manual. In amazing condition for 200,000 miles, just had its timing belt replaced.

This car has been worked hard but very lovingly cared for.

Its biggest issue: it was rear-ended and the trunk doesn't close properly (but doesn't seem to leak). Second worst: the windows squeak when you roll them down.

Clean title, has a solid 100k miles left in it.

Asking ~$800.

More car info 

The trunk does latch just fine, it just doesn't make a perfect seal along the back of the trunk lid. It doesn't leak when sitting in rain but it may get some light spray into the trunk when driving through rain at high speed (we've had papers and stuff in there that only ever get dampened, never wet- there's never been standing water).

Previous owners kept all paperwork down to mileage at every fill-up since it was brand new.

Selling 'cause we just don't need it anymore. ^^

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More car info: Upgrades 

* Replaced bad audio wiring in passenger side door
* Replaced all dash lights with LEDs
* Replaced dome light with very bright LED
* Installed Pioneer Bluetooth Head Unit (AM/FM/CD/MP3/Bluetooth with Aux In)
* Installed Pioneer tweeter/midrange in front, 6x9" components in rear-- sounds really nice!!
* New Spark plugs
* New front rims/tires (old were bent)
* Brakes/rotors
* Full Alignment

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Please help me boost the toot this is in response to :blobowo:

I'm hoping to find someone in need who could really make use of some quality reliable transportation. That price isn't firm, either. :blobuwu:

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@mawr makes me miss my manual 95 Accord EX. Those are super solid cars.

@kamiten Definitely!!! And with how meticulously this one has been maintained and how carefully it's been driven, it'll probably outlast me. XD

*squeeeeaaaak* hello thar 


i consider squeaky windows to be a plus. or, rather, i find silent windows to be a little sinister.

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